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Any of this sounds familiar?

  • Are you tired of complex sales processes that take months to grasp and you still may never understand?
  • Are you NOT making as many sales as you can?
  • Do you want to learn a simple sales process that allows you to go from zero to $10k in just weeks and NOT months or years?
  • How stressed do you feel about all those sales you are losing – like honestly, no BS…
  • Tired of feeling afraid when you think about the future because you don’t have a predictable sales process that consistently delivers a predictable result?
  • ​Do you feel like there must be a better, simpler way to get good at sales?


I knew I had to get good quickly, because I had a 6 year old and a new baby on the way..

In the beginning, I struggled to consistently close deals like a lot of people…

Which meant that I was not making enough money to take care of my family the way I wanted to…
So I tried every single sales hack and idea out there, just to fall flat on my face…

Because it seemed like all of them took ages to master and only worked some of the time.
I remember the pain I felt, not knowing if I would be able to give my partner and kids what they deserved in life…
And I kept struggling with making enough sales and money for a while…


A simple 4 step sales process that allowed me to go from $0 to $30k months in just a couple months

I went from using a complicated sales process, to a  simple and effective sales process that focuses on what gets people to take action…

45 minutes  sales call where history now… I welcomed 20 minutes call with PIFs!
I found the right way to get people to commit with taking action and changing their lives…
This process allowed me to become the leader any sales professional needs to be if you want to persuade people to buy from you!

This new process allowed me to…
Get life changing results in weeks instead of months!

I was able to:
– Cut my calls time in half
– Lead a team of over 20 after starting in sales 3 months earlier
– Find my confidence
– Find my conviction
– Find my certainty
– And with all that ultimately make the kind of money I deserved to make
At first, I thought I was just lucky…
But then people started noticing and asking me to show them how they could as well make more sales.
So I showed my methods to a couple of friends, who then 2x their sales in just weeks…
That helped me understand my method better, and it also allowed me to improve it…
And for the last year I’ve been coaching thousands of sales proffesionals, teaching them my sales methodology.
And the results have been amazing!!!
To be precise, over 700 testimonials in just the last 6 months!
 All of them about people who are now making the kind of money they really deserve!
Our goal now is to revolutionise the sales coaching industry!
But I know not everyone can pay our coaching fees…

“Why The Objection Box Family?”

The truth is there’s a lot of “Sales Trainings” out there…

But very few that are actually DELIVER
I know… because I’ve tried a lot of them…
I also coached 1,000’s of people who have tried it all only to fall flat in their face!
Until they were actually able to finally “GET IT”, by following The Objection Box Way
Which fills me with a lot of PRIDE…
My goal is to provide you a base and a certainty in your skill that ultimately allows you to take care of your loved ones like you really want to!
And I know the “FAMILY” will do that…
I actually GUARANTEE it!
Because hundreds of my clients are now making 2 and even 3 times more sales and money…
Not because they’re special, or because of me… But because of the process we teach!
Which is so effective and simple that has allowed clients like Nicholas who in his first month working as a sales rep got paid over $15k USD in sales commissions using what I taught him!
How would you feel knowing that you have a skill set that makes everything just “Good”
As a kid coming from a small town in Ireland, going to a big city like London…
All I wanted was to be “Good”…
Now is your time to deliver
Inside you will get everything you need so you can become the best sales professional you can be…
So you can live the life you really dream of and that you  know your family deserves!
Ask yourself this question:
If you are, then…

Learn My Sales And Persuasion Framework NOW!

1) The Objection Box Sales Methodology Training

  • You’ll learn my 4-step sales framework that will allow you to master sales in just days!
  • ​This is the same process that allowed me to get to $40k+ months in under 6 months!
  • ​My coaching clients pay thousands to be coached on these frameworks by me. And then they 3x their sales in just weeks because of this.

2) Live Roleplay Sessions

  • The only way to really learn something is by doing it…
  • ​You’ll be coached by us so that you use our frameworks well!

3) Access To Roleplays Recordings

  • The second best way to learn how to do something, is to see how someone else does it.
  • ​You’ll get more context on how to use our frameworks by learning how other people is using it.

4) Exclusive Community

  • Network with me and sales professionals that are in the same journey as you.
  • ​Get access to job opportunities exclusive for our community.

5) TOB Script

  • ​This script and framework will help you close deals from day one!

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