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Give Me 60 Days To Help You Make Your FIRST $5,000 On OnlyFans…  

Or Your Money Back

yo, im Ricardo.

and for the past 3 months I’ve been clearing $30,000 per month doing next to nothing. 


by getting my girls on OnlyFans and running their shit.

that means:

  • scheduling their content to keep subscribers happy…
  • managing the account so I have full control…
  • marketing their profiles for more simps to sign-up…
  • and running their payroll so the girls get paid – amongst other things

skeptical? I would be too.

but that’s until you realise that OnlyFans pimping is one of the most lucrative industries for an ambitious dude to get into in 2022.


because onlyfans is blowing up. and girls don’t know how to market themselves.

all of those famous onlyfans hoes you see?

they’re almost always working with a man behind the scenes.

because those guys see, in the same way that i see, a once in a lifetime opportunity to print cash off of girls who don’t know how to market themselves.

just how much cash are we talking about?

well, onlyfans pays creators $5 billion dollars a year.

and we’re just at the beginning.

if you can solidify yourself in the onlyfans industry, have a harem of bitches shooting content for you, and become a trusted onlyfans marketer in the industry…

you’ll be lining yourself up to receive the lions share of onlyfans payouts as the industry explodes over the next few years.

and thats what brings me to you.

after being in the onlyfans game for 18 months, and building a 7 figure business in the process, im going to share the blueprint with you.

but let me make one thing clear.

this guide isn’t for everyone.

if you have no girls, it won’t help you.

if you no persuasion skills, i can’t help you.

and if you are a pussy, i can’t help you.

but if you have a girl in mind, know how to talk, and have some balls…

I can help you make some serious cash from onlyfans.

setting the stage:

you have a girl in mind. she’s thought about it before. and you’re ready to put her on.

maybe you’ve already signed up for onlyfans, only to realise there’s much more to the business model than you thought.

what’s the fastest way to get subscribers?

what content should you post?

how should your girl create and share content?

these are probably the questions running through your mind when you first start.

and like any other business model, you’ll figure out the answers with experience and time.

but here’s the thing.

with onlyfans, you don’t have time. 

the moment you convinced your girl to get on onlyfans, you entered a race against the clock to show her the money.

if you don’t perform, she’ll lose interest. and you’ll lose money.

that’s why you have to get her account set up immediately and deploy tried and tested strategies to have a solid pay out within TWO WEEKS of launching. 

otherwise, you risk her realizing that you don’t know what you’re doing.

and that’s not all.

you have to set everything up in a way that allows you to maintain full control of the accounts and the money…

or you leave yourself vulnerable to problems down the road.

with onlyfans, you need to get it right the first time.

otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck in a merry-go-round of finding new girls, convincing them to start, failing to show them the cash, and losing your own cash in the process.

now let me introduce:

Onlyfans Empire: Your First $5,000

put simply, i will show you the mistakes you need to avoid in the beginning to ensure a smooth sailing, lucrative revenue stream from your model.

I’ll also show you how to properly manage your models for maximum profit.


I will give you the exact systems (2 hours of video plus 5 never before seen documents) that I use to show my models money in the first two weeks.

this secures their trust and builds momentum – both important.

and here’s the best part:

by working with me and the private community of other agency owners, you’ll get to skip all the mistakes i made, and start making cash FAST as you implement my tried and tested marketing strategies.

this isn’t an ebook or a google doc.

this is the full business breakdown from me.

along with a 30 minute phone call i’m going to work with you inside our private community and ensure that you make your first $5,000 from onlyfans in 60 days.

otherwise i’ll refund your money.

here’s some of what i’ll show you:

  • what to say to get the model convinced and excited
  • proper set up of accounts for security
  • instructions to give your models for content creation
  • my exact workflow systems
  • marketing funnel on steroids breakdown – how to blow up her onlyfans profile
  • optimizing her profile for maximum fan conversion
  • how to attract and identify big spenders
  • how to run payroll properly so your models are happy

and im so confident that i can help you build an onlyfans empire that i’m guaranteeing a 5x on your investment in 60 days if you apply everything as instructed.

i’ll refund 100% of your money if you don’t make at least $5,000 in the first 60 days.

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