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Nothing to install, easy to use…

QuestionSpy runs in your browser. There’s nothing to install to get started. Start finding questions in the next 60 seconds…

Find Popular Questions

Find the most popular questions for any topic that people search for on Google…

Uncover Buyer Questions

Uncover commercial intent questions that specifically signal buying behavior. (i.e “where can I buy”…)

Automatic Question Grouping

Questions are automatically grouped, so you can instantly see which question topics are the most important.

Multi-Language Support

Find questions in multiple languages and group by the source language. (Coming July 2019…)

Question Filtering & Sorting

Easy to use search filters allow you to find specific keywords within all your question results.

Discover Hot Topics

Automatic word frequency (and tag cloud) shows you what words are most commonly found in all the questions.

Export Questions & Groups

Export all your questions or just export specific groups of questions so you can use them in any application.

Total Discovery Mode

Drill deep and find hidden questions. Our proprietary algorithm finds more questions than any other tool.

This works for SEO, PPC, YouTube, etc…

Let’s be honest.

Search engines are evolving rapidly and the way we use search engines is changing just as fast. Not that long ago (1997-ish), people used to simply put in one or two words into Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Altavista, HotBot, LookSmart, Overture, and Lycos…

Do you remember those good ‘ole days?

Today, with voice to text technology being common in every major smartphone and search engine algorithms that use AI and machine learning, people simply don’t use search engines like they used to…

And that’s good news for you…


Because when you can see the most important questions that buyers are asking, you can know exactly what buyers want and perfectly craft your offer to the wants and needs of the most hyper responsive buyers.

These hyper targeted long tail keywords are often 100x more likely to result in a sale than a generic broad keyword.

For example, if you sold iphones in an ecommerce store, would you rather have 100 visitors from the keyword “iphone” or 10 visitors from the keyword “where can I buy a cheap iphone X”?

That shouldn’t be hard to answer at all.

When you know how to get hyper responsive buyer traffic to your website, you can make a bigger profits with even a small number of visitors.

And imagine what happens when you get a large number of hyper responsive buyers to your offer…

But there IS a catch.

Google still has about 75% of all search engine traffic.

And until today, finding ALL the questions that buyers and future customers were asking from Google was nearly impossible.

That’s all going to change after today…

QuestionSpy uses a natural speech algorithm and advanced parsing technology that digs deep into Google and brings back all the questions that the market is asking about your products and services.

You’ll know exactly what people are looking to buy, and what they MUST know before they’ll ever pull out their credit card and make a purchase from you.

If you had steady visitors coming to your offers every day from hyper responsive buyer keywords like these, do you think you would make more sales?


Me too.

That’s exactly why we built this tool. It was for our own “in house” use and we used it to immediately dig up some incredible keywords for a Fishing blog we started.

The good news is that this software works for SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Book Marketing, YouTube, Content Marketing, CPA, etc…

We’re talking about market intelligence.

You’ll be discovering keywords and priceless market research that your competitors have no clue even exists.

In fact, to prove this, we tested these keywords with PPC (see the video in the Members’ Area) and we were able to get 5¢ clicks in the Loan market! (It’s really not uncommen to spend over $45 per click for traffic in this market…and million dollar budgets are the norm.)

Seriously, my ad was terrible. (I’m not personally in the loan market. I just wanted to prove this worked, even for a rookie playing in one of the most cutthroat industries online.)

And you get the point.

If I can get traffic in the LOAN market for 5¢ a click with a terrible ad, don’t you think you can drive traffic to your offer without breaking the bank?

Yes, I agree.

And that’s great news for you too.

Because now, after careful testing and tweaking, we’re ready to make QuestionSpy 2.0 available to you…

Step-by-Step Video Training

Here’s a sneak peak inside the QuestionSpy Members’ Area. Learn the exact system that gets high converting traffic…

How To Get 5¢ Clicks…

What Gang Intelligence Officers (who precisely identify gangbangers in prison by their tattoos) can teach you about finding dirt cheap traffic in any market. (It’s astonishing how few people know this, yet anyone with a keyboard and a mouse can find these traffic sources. In fact, we used this exact method to get 5¢ clicks in the LOAN market, when competitors are fighting like dogs over $45 per click keywords!)

Know What Buyers Want…

A neurological discovery that lets even rookie marketers easily get inside the head of the biggest buyers in their market. (Know exactly what to sell to your market and how much you can charge, even before you create your product or service.)

The “Berger Method”

In this video, you’ll learn how to easily break “The Curse of Knowledge” and get more buyers to any page you want…

Ask Better Questions

The game-changing Berger Question tactic (used by top innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers) that can release a flood of “starving” buyers to any page you want. (I’ve gotten some of the most targeted buyers to landing pages for pennies using this very method that anyone can learn in five minutes.)

Finding Buyer Keywords

The one kind of keyword you absolutely MUST target if you want to get buyer traffic to your page today. (And don’t worry, these keywords are usually VERY EASY to rank for in SEO. And you can test them quickly with cheap PPC clicks because most of your competitors don’t have a clue how to find them.)

Discover Hidden Triggers

A 90-second trick to find hot keywords that bring targeted traffic to your site. (Actually, it only takes a few seconds. Just type in your keyword and click one button, then watch QuestionSpy do all the work for you as you uncover hyper-targeted, buyer keywords that bring you more traffic, leads, and sales.)

Market Intelligence Case Study

How to understand the buyer cycle so well, that you guarantee you’re offer is being seen when they’re actually ready to buy…

The “Contra Trap”

The “Drug Dealer Interrogation Method” (used in court to grill Contra drug dealers under oath during cross examination) that reveals exactly what your buyers want to know BEFORE they are willing to buy anything. (Hint: You can see this method in action in the book Dark Alliance, that linked the Northern California drug ring with the CIA.)

Build Trust Faster

The one thing you can do today to finally see sales (and it doesn’t matter if you have your own product or just promote affiliate offers) and become an expert in your market. (The truth is, buyers actually want you to do this. And they’ll reward you for doing this by pulling out their credit card because they know they can TRUST you now.)

Overpaying For Clicks

The little-known reason why your competitors are killing their profits by buying traffic. (And how you can get the very same buyers for pennies, even if you’re a total rookie in the market and your product was unheard of until today.)

SPIN Selling® & Starbucks®

Learn the secret of how master salesmen (who sell high priced products) remove all objections and finally close the deal…

Scientific Accuracy

A unique (but 100% scientific and accurate) way to know exactly what buyers want to buy, even if you no nothing about the market at all. (In fact, you’ll see me do this live on video for a market I have absolutely no intel about. Best part is, you end up knowing more about what buyers want in a few minutes than top brands know, and they’ve been competing in this market for years!)

High Converting Landing Pages

How to make your landing pages hook MORE buyers by spending far LESS time creating them. (In fact, almost 100% of the time, people who spend HOURS creating perfectly crafted landing pages leave off the most important things buyers really wanted to know anyway. Here’s the simple converstion rate FIX.)

Prophet of Profit

How the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, headed off a business disaster using “prophecy” and why you MUST do this before you even start on your next product. (Hint: This has nothing to do with the Bible or religion, but everything to do with knowing ahead of time what people really want to hear, and then creating a perfect message-to-market match to avoid all buyer resistance.)

#1 Betselling Book Tip

What the #1 bestselling business sales book on (at the time of this writing) can teach you about creating the perfect landing pages. (This method is being used by Fortune 500 companies to sell high ticket products and services, takes just a few minutes to implement, and can result in double digit conversion rate increases almost immediately.)

Halbert’s “ONE Advantage”

If you could have one (and only one) single advantage in your business, what would you wish for and why would it help?

“Will They Pay For It?”

How to quickly cut your product research time down to almost nothing, but still know exactly what problems buyers are willing to PAY to solve. (Marketers who think QUALITY isn’t critical are out of their minds. And this proves it.)

Gary Never Had This…

What the late, great copywriter Gary Halbert said was THE most important business advantage. Google now gives you this info that Gary never had access to. Find buyers with cash in hand, ready to buy your product today. (Hint: Gary said if he could only have one advantage, this would be it. You’ll agree.)

Create Products That Sell…

The single easiest way to create a product ever discovered. You’ll not only know what you MUST include in product, but also what you must LEAVE OUT of the product. (One huge mistake is spending lots of time creating features of a product nobody cares about. It’s a waste of your time and a waste of theirs…and you’ll end up with a low conversion rate and negative reviews.)

Using FAQs To Build Trust

Before you write content (books, ebooks, blog posts, etc.) learn how to engineer perfect 5-star content that readers love…

Success Leaves Clues…

How to tell – almost 100% of the time – if your book idea is going to be a total dud or a bestseller, even before you’ve written a single page. (And how to convert a “so-so” book into a bestseller too.)

Legally Use Reviews…

How to legally use the glowing 5-star reviews from other Amazon bestsellers in your category to promote your own book. And how to siphon off the nastiest negative reviewer into more book sales for your new book. (Note: This has nothing to do with leaving links or comments on other books. And there is absolutely no Amazon TOS violation in doing this. Yes, we will prove it.)

Break Writer’s Block…

What Chris Kyle (the most lethal U.S. sniper in history) and Zig Ziglar (the late, master salesman and NY Times bestselling author) knew about writing books that fly off the shelf. (Hint: The first key is to have a crystal clear roadmap for your book. The second key is how to get that roadmap that makes the writing process a total breeze.)

Getting Amazon Traffic…

The 2 best ways to make sure your book takes off faster and makes more sales on (The first is to match your title to actual keywords buyers are searching for. It’s easy using this method. The second has to do with your book description pulling in buyer traffic and should never be overlooked.)

The “Book List” System…

The secret to making sure your book is “Bestseller Ready”. Also, a simple way to use tiny, short books to build a responsive email list of buyers. (And also how to leverage this list for lots of honest, 5-star reviews for every book you ever publish.)

Burgler, Mafia, and Bank Heist

When you finally talk about what they want to hear about, you achieve conversion rate breakthroughs and getting more traffic becomes a non-issue…

The Most Powerful Emotion…

The most powerful emotion to master in copywriting. (Hint: It’s NOT fear, happiness, or anger. This emotion is so powerful, it plays with your prospects mind and knaws on them until they buy. Even the most reluctant of buyers will cave in eventually because you do this.)

Targeted Traffic For Pennies…

A “stupid simple” way to find cheap, targeted traffic that will reveal exactly if your copy resonates with your market. (Yes, this traffic is dirt cheap. But don’t let that fool you. It’s super targeted and you can use it today to test your offers and tweak your copy until it converts like crazy.)

Google Ranking Tactic…

The 10-minute salesletter tweak that will drive targeted, organic SEO traffic to your sales letter, without hurting your conversion rate. (And don’t worry, there’s nothing spammy or scammy about this method. Google actually made an update in favor of this recently and rewards it with double and sometimes triple the traffic when you do it right.)

Craft A Better Offer…

The “Superthief” way to construct a sales letter, based on the Biggest Bank Heist in U.S. History. If you’ll just do this, you’re offer will hit the bullseye the first time, almost every time. (Note: Buyers love this because it’s like you’re speaking about EXACTLY what they wanted to hear. Even though it’s pure selling, it LOOKS and FEELS like your giving away great content and buyer resistance drops dramatically.)

When You Hate Selling…

The “Lobster Boat Kid” method that makes it almost impossible for buyers to resist your offer, even though you NEVER ask for the sale. (This takes almost no effort on your part, and feels completely natural, so it’s perfect if you HATE the process of copywriting.)

“Google, Find X”…

Get priceless intel using a weird (but clever) Google search string and questions that investigative journalists use (5W1H)…

The Investigation Secret

The “7-11 Spy” Keyword List and why you MUST use this FIRST, before you waste time and effort on any other keyword research. (Every investigative journalist uses 6 of these every day. The real breakthrough is when you combine the first 6 with the other 12. Then watch what happens to your conversion rates.)

Victim’s Assistance Package

How a “Victim’s Assistance Crime Package” handed to an Amish woman led to a keyword research breakthrough. (This little-known tip will allow you to profit from your top competitors keyword research, and get SEO traffic to your offers quicker.)

Good ‘Ole Horse Sense

A fast and effective way (used by a Vermont Country Store Owner) to know for certain which keywords are good and which ones are a waste of time. (Super effective, and everytime you do this you’ll get fresh buyer insight about your market that you’re competitors just wish they had.)

Confessions Of A Jewel Thief

“I was less interested in the kinds of questions they wanted me to ask than in those I really wanted answers to.”…

Expert Secrets

Where to find the best keywords that instantly position you as an expert and build trust so you get the sale. (And also, how to sort the keywords from most valuable to least valuable, so you spend you time on the highest ROI keywords.)

“Cash In Hand” Buyers

How a small change in your keyword research method can reveal better keywords, 100% of the time. (Potentially letting you know which keywords represent “cash in hand” buyers and which keywords just represent “tire kickers”.)

Create Targeted Lists

How to group your keywords into hyper-targeted lists. (And also how to make perfect landing pages so you know immediately which groups represent buyers.)

Need, Want, & Buy

What a confession from a master jewel thief can teach you about finding out what buyers are looking for, so you can give them exactly what they want to buy. (Straight from Bill Mason’s mouth: “I was less interested in the kinds of questions they wanted me to ask than in those I really wanted answers to.”)

Finding Pockets Of Buyers

How to use buyer keywords and search terms to get the attention of the prospects who are ready to make a purchase…

The Backwards Edge

The backwards method to guarantee you have a high quality score and get the most traffic to your site. (Yes, it’s very counterintuitive, which is why your competitors aren’t doing it and won’t be able to figure out how you did either.)

Baiting The Hook

The secret way to get Microsoft to tell you where “pockets” of buyers are located. (No, you don’t have to have a PC or Windows. This also works on a Mac computer. Doing this got me priceless intel in the hyper-competitive loan market for pennies.)

Buyer Behavior Explained

What an industrial engineer, who wrote a book on using statistics to catch more fish, can teach you about finding cheap PPC traffic in hyper-competitive (and high cost-per-click) markets. (And how a quick search will show you keywords that tap into “buyer psychology” even before you’ve spent any money on your PPC ads.)

Ad Writing Mastery

A powerful “twist” that makes sure you get the most important words in your ads, making your ads almost impossible NOT to click.

Spend Less, Earn More

If you catch yourself trying to “hype-up” the sale, this is going to be one of the most valuable videos in the Members’ Area…

Trim Off The Fat…

What the “China Study” (the most comprehensive nutrition study ever conducted) can reveal about CUTTING ad costs while driving up your CTR%. (Hint: It has to do specifically with the 15+ questions they ask in the introduction, but doesn’t stop there.)

No Stupid Questions…

The “Playground Bully” psychology weakness that reveals exactly what should be in your headline to get the click. (A 1st place Top Chef Masters winner revealed this “brain glitch” in his recent book. And you’ll see how easy it is to use it in your next ad too.)

Tell To Sell…

How to make more money from your ads by NOT being persuasive. (This is critically important to know if you find yourself trying to “hype-up” your ads in order to get the click.)

Better Copy, Faster…

A truly “no-brainer” way to improve your CTR% and CR%, by writing your ads FASTER. (Master this and writing great ads becomes a “piece of cake”.)

The Local Marketing Solution

This simple system brings targeted local traffic, gets you more prospects, and turns your knowledge into new customers…

Your North Star

The “simple question” that will create local marketing breakthroughs. (Ideal for getting people to pick up their phone and dial your local number whenever they need your products and services.)

Easy Local Marketing

The exact way to find cheap ad opportunities in your local region that bring in lots of hyper-targeted prospects and customers. (Your biggest competitors in town won’t be able to figure out how you’re transferring their past customers to call your phone line. And it’s completely legal and ethical too.)

Make The Phone Ring

A scientifically proven way to know exactly what to say in your newspaper ads and local PPC ads to get the phone ringing. (One huge local marketing mistake is paying lots of money for clicks. This method is much, much cheaper and works better too.)

The High Cost Alternative

How to use local ads and precise message-to-market match to drive up sales for your small business. (This tip is perfect if you’re tired of paying the high cost of yellow page ads that don’t result in phone calls and new customers.)

“I Know A Guy”…

How to get dozens of “viral influencers” who will share your phone number all around town and refer customers to you, by simply becoming the local trusted expert. (While this technique is based on an investigation of the Russian Mafia, it has nothing to do with organized crime. In fact, it’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of doing it before.)

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