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Word-For-Word Attraction is the only program ever designed to forever shed and rid yourself of things of all of the negative stuff that comes along with having that first conversation with a girl, finally unleashing the man inside of you..

In “Word For Word Attraction”, Jason Capital offers seven word-for-word mind games to create intense attraction and infatuation with a woman in no more than 60 seconds. The mind games are intended for removing the guesswork out of not knowing whether a woman is into you.

This program aims to provide the necessary banter and techniques to have smoother and attracting conversation. It is also designed to help you remove the negative aspects when first talking to a woman.

You’ll instantly:

  • Be able to pick and choose any woman in the bar/club to talk to, walk up to her, and actually have FUN doing it, without worrying about what to say next..
  • Rid yourself of anxiety filled thoughts, so that you can easily and effortlessly have a fluid conversation with any woman of your choosing (how freeing would THAT be?)..
  • Throw away any nervousness brought on by approaching a woman because of what you know you have in your arsenal to use at anytime..
  • Forever shed yourself of talking up to someone’s standards, constantly fidgeting to find the next best thing to say to a girl..
  • Imagine not even caring about what other people think about you during a conversation, and just doing and saying what you want, the way you want.. The way that pleases YOU.

Yeah, you’re going to be able to do all of that and more.

And the best part is, you’ll be able to do all of this, within the first 55 seconds of learning this information, that’s how fast it works.

The reason being, these 7 word-for-word mind games are not some plug and chug type PUA bullshit that most people talk about.

They’re not some boring, essay-long responses that most “speed dating” coaches would have you memorize and then spew out at some random chick at the club..

..and they’re definitely not your run of the mill, playful responses that everyone has you believe that they work.

In fact, they’re much better than that.

MUCH, MUCH better, as you’ll see in just a second.

Why Others Are Raving About Word-For-Word Attraction..

I once taught this to a group of badasses at a rooftop Los Angeles party, after they begged and pleaded to know more about how I was making every girl at the party infatuated with me, after using one of these mind tricks.

You see, every girl I talked to I had instantly giggling and all over me within minutes of meeting them because of one of these mind tricks, and well..

A couple of guys at the party caught on.

Being the smart action takers they were, they approached me asking me how I was doing it, and what my secret was, and even asking if I could teach them.

See, they were mesmerized at how quickly I had these girls eating out of palm of my hand, one by one..

I explained to them what I do for a living and how much my clients pay me (up to 4,400/hr) so I couldn’t just teach him all of the stuff.

It wouldn’t be fair to all my guys top guys on Team Capital.

He then literally got each one of his boys to put together 75 bucks each on the spot, and gave me it to teach them for ten minutes just one of the mind games that I was using.


Module 1: The Psychopath Test

  • One of my favorite “go-to” mind games to get a girl into deep thought about you..
  • Why regardless of the way she answers, you’ll always have some more ammo to banter with so you can go all night long..
  • How to easily playfully tease her all night long based on this one riddle that will have her dying to know more about you..
  • How to instantly create sexual tension in her mind mid-thought using simple high STATUS body language and eye contact..
  • How to keep her asking for the answer to the mind game throughout the night, so that you have her wrapped around your finger, begging and pleading for you to tell her more..
  • Why a story of a funeral might be the reason you get laid that very night, and I’m not talking about Wedding Crashers..
  • And finally, how to instantly spot and look out for weird psychopathic tendencies that might arise later on in the conversation so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into..

Module 2: The Sex Test

  • Why 3 simple questions may be the key to getting in between her legs that SAME night..
  • How to instantly create “compliance momentum” in any and every girl you meet, ensuring she’s down for whatever with you..
  • The #1 secret to teasing the correct way, so that you can make sure that this works, time and time again, with every single woman you meet..
  • How to have her actually grab YOU and pull YOU back to her while walking away, every time, no work needed on your part..
  • How to instantly figure out how she feels about herself, her self image, and what she thinks her friends think of her without explicitly asking for it..
  • Easily figure out EXACTLY how she feels about sex within 30 seconds flat (this will prove VERY useful)..
  • And have her tell YOU about it, without you having to ask..

Module 3: The Love Test

  • How to instantly figure out if she’ll be prone to falling in love with you quickly..
  • Within a split second, understand how she feels about the subject of true love, so that you can playfully tease her about it all night..
  • Why her answer to question #2 will give you everything you need to know if you should keep talking to her or not (wasting your time is a thing of the past)..
  • How to figure out if she’s the type of girl who constantly wants and strives toward changing the man she’s with to fit her idea of a “perfect guy”..
  • Why her choice of two different routes, and the way she replies tells you exactly whether or not she’s quick to fall OUT of love..
  • How to find if she’s a natural sexual creature vs. natural romantic..
  • The correct way to perform one of the best HVST routine that most guys mess up (this is NOT what you think)..

Module 4: The 5 Lies Test

  • The #1 way to get HER to buy YOU a drink..
  • My favorite game to play with a girl in order to instantly spike serious attraction, so that she’s hooked for the rest of the night..
  • The rumored test that Casanova’s used to use to seduce women from all over the country..
  • The one test that I’ve personally been using for years now, so that it’s been tested and proven for you to use tonight too..
  • Why you lying to her might be your best move of the night..
  • How to creatively make her think you’re a genius on a subconscious level..
  • Why her thinking the sky is “red” will lead to you sleeping with her that very night..

Module 5: The Gullible Test

  • How to dominantly lead and take her by the hand, building up the touch so that she feels instantly comfortable with you..
  • The easiest and simplest way to find out if she’s the “play it safe type” within just seconds..
  • Why the size of her hands are the centerpiece of this test, so that you can playfully challenge her the whole night..
  • Why a smirk and a quick pause works so well for creating tension between you two..
  • How being a “cocky asshole” works in your favor, so that she’s hooked within the first 7 seconds..
  • The tell tale sign that she’s attracted to you (this involved a ton of her touching you)..
  • The one thing you can easily keep teasing her about all night so that you’re constantly in her thoughts..

Module 6: The Touch Test

  • Why most guys fail when it comes to complimenting her, and why you don’t have to..
  • Another easy to use and implement way to get her buy YOU a drink within the first minute of talking to her..
  • A simple way to initiate touch, and physically escalating her in order to create trust between you two, without coming off as creepy..
  • How to ensure this test will work 98.7% of the time (and what to do with the OTHER, small 1.3%..)
  • How using this test, you’ll be able to rid yourself of all the RISK associated with physically escalating, so that you can really create a bond with her..
  • Why telling her she’s “interesting” THIS special way works so well..

Module 7: The Starfish Test

  • The easiest way to figure out if she’s adventurous and good at sex, rather than just some boring ol’ starfish in the sack..
  • The 3 questions to use if you want to keep her talking about sex, so that you can turn her on slowly..
  • How to easily figure out her favorite sex position..
  • The reason why the speed of her answer to last question is the most important test of all, letting you know EXACTLY how sexual she’s willing to get with you..
  • How using this test, you’ll be able to rid yourself of all the RISK associated with physically escalating, so that you can really create a bond with her..
  • How to instantly gauge her sex drive.. (imagine all that power?)
  • Why a secret psychologist’s trick used in the 70s might be the reason why you get laid tonight..
  • How to instantly differentiate her from the rest of the herd, letting you know if she’s into you or not, so you don’t have to waste your time..

What’s Word-For-Word Attraction Worth?

Now because only the top guys on Team Capital are getting access to this, I can only keep this at a certain price for so long, let alone online for any prolonged period of time.

With that being said, I’m pricing this a lot less than it should be, based on what my colleagues, personal clients, and other trainers in the business have told me to put it at..

Much less than other “online coaches” who haven’t talked to a girl in their life would make you pay for something this proven..

And more importantly, much less than how much it would cost you to learn this by trial and error, where you can possible lose countless amounts of moneys, time, and STILL get no results..

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