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Presenting Magically consists of 6 Audio CD’s and 4 DVD’s. It was professionally recorded before a live studio audience. You get to listen along to the entire training, watch all of David’s demonstrations on DVD, do all the exercises and listen in on the Students Live Question and Answer Sessions. Presenting Magically is a totally unique audio-visual learning experience.
Why study Presenting Magically?

No matter what you do in life the ability to present yourself powerfully and clearly will always be a benefit. Everyone, at some point in time, has seen a masterful presenter and thought, “I wish I could do that”. Well now you can! Presenting Magically will enable you to develop the charisma, poise and grace of the very best presenters and trainers.
What will I learn studying Presenting Magically?

* How to banish stage fright and performance anxiety.
* How to maintain an ideal “presenter state” – calm, balanced and centred.
* How to quickly and easily build rapport withaudiences of any size.
* Feedback systems that really work.
* Structuring your presentation so that it works best with everyone’s learning style.
* How to use specific gestures and postures to increase your impact and flexibility.
* How to change your audience’s state of mind moment by moment.
* How to handle difficult audiences and hecklers.
* How to entertain an audience and add fun to your presentations.
* Using metaphors, anecdotes and analogies to really put your message across.
* How to maintain and manage the energy in the room.
* Increasing your charisma and personal magnetism.

Presenting Magically is different from any other presentation skills programme. You’ll learn Neuro Linguistic Programming and how to use it in presentations and training. This will give you a structured model to achieve excellence as a presenter. The programme is a mixture of information and practical application. Throughout, you’ll get the closely held secrets of Master Presenters and Trainers.


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