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Dear Reader,

Did you know there’s a way to use your mind to achieve even your BIGGEST (most outlandish) life goals?

Did you also know that once you discover how to “recruit” more of the power of your UNCONSCIOUS mind — (by accessing some of the 90% that remains dormant in most people) — you’ll be able to naturally (and quickly) overcome troubling emotions – like fear, stress, tension and even life-long phobias?

Did you also know you can “switch off” physical pain in your body through self-hypnosis?

Lastly, did you know you can improve your memory, lose weight and ultimately become an “enhanced version” of yourself by unleashing the full power of your mind?

Maybe not… and you’re not alone…

Discovering How To Access (And Make Use Of) The The Power Of Your Mind Has Never Been Properly Explained To You

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard others talk about the power of your mind – but think about it, nobody seems to be able to actually tell you HOW to access that dormant power and USE it in such a way that REALLY WORKS.

Which is a shame – because with the right information and the RIGHT INSTRUCTOR tapping into the power of your mind is EASY, FUN and the RESULTS can be EXTREMELY FAST.

It doesn’t have to take years of practice either – you just have to know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

However, because tapping into the power of your mind often sounds kind of mystical or new-age-y, most people just assume that they would never be able to get the FULL POTENTIAL of their mind working for them, so they never really experience any meaningful changes in their life.

That’s OK. I’m a master at showing ordinary people how to ACCESS and then UTILIZE the POWER of their mind, so help is on the way.

The Best System In The World For Harnessing The Power Of Your Mind For Rapid & Extraordinary Results

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on mind-power and self-hypnosis… spend HOURS interviewing every hypnosis master and “mind power expert”, and actually put in HOURS of experimentation trying to access and make use of the full power of your mind.

And I’ll bet $100 you’ll miss the REAL secret to ACCESSING and UTILIZING the power of your mind.


Listen to the audio program I’ve put together called Unleash The Power Of Your Mind and you’ll consistently access and utilize the power of your mind. Guaranteed.

No fluff and NO B.S.

The Unleash The Power Of Your Mind CD is the EXACT step-by-step self-hypnosis “KEY” that unlocks the potential of your mind for fast and practical results in your life.

Here’s what will happen when you go through the Unleash The Power Of Your Mind CD – you’ll know how to…

  • Achieve virtually any outlandish goal…
  • Release trauma or stress trapped in your body…
  • Eliminate bad habits or phobias from your life…
  • And improve any other work or sports related performance. You’ll be able to do all that and MORE!

Put simply: Listening to the Unleash The Power Of Your Mind CD is like putting a jet engine in your car.

You decide the “destination” (the goal you want to achieve) and simply by listening to the powerful self-hypnosis segment included in the audio program your mind will go into hyper-drive and you’ll find yourself…

Automatically Achieving Your Goals And Outcomes In Record Time

There’s no extra work or struggle required on your part either.

You just sit back, relax and listen to me (master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski) run you through the guided self-hypnosis exercise. That’s it.

Quick tip: It’s recommended you listen to the self-hypnosis segment at least three times. Then you can be sure your unconscious mind will automatically get “tuned up” and “synced” with your conscious goals. And when that happens… well… world, watch out!

How I Was Finally Able To Master ACCESSING & UTILIZING The Power Of The Mind

About 10-years back…I desperately wanted to know how to “turn on” more of my mind’s potential. Truth be told, the power of the mind fascinated me so much…

I literally spent years and tens of thousands of dollars devouring books, glued to hypnosis training videos and “ping-ponging” around the globe studying at the feet of the hypnosis “masters” trying to figure out how to get all parts of the mind (both conscious and unconscious) to “line up” and “zero in” on my goals.

It took me a period of about 5 years… thousands of miles in air travel and something like $120,000 in out-of-pocket expense… to finally figure out the most effective (and PREDICATBLE) way of harnessing the full power of the mind.

But I finally did it and my precision process has allowed me to achieve some “untouchable” goals and live an extraordinary lifestyle.

Now I’ve created this CD training program – called Unleash The Power Of Your Mind – that SHOWS YOU (through a real facilitated self-hypnosis exercise) how you can ALSO access and utilize the power of your mind.

It is truly, the best of the best facilitation program there is on the topic, and my “mind power system” is simple and FAST to do so you can be seeing practical results very soon.

Why Pioneers Get Scalped

There is an old saying when learning something new: “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper”. So if you think you can “figure out” my precision process of accessing and utilizing the power of the mind on your own, you are mistaken.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow my tested and proven system for accessing and utilizing the power of your mind for exceptional real-world results?

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