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How To Transform Yourself From A Man With No Sexual Confidence Into The Kind Of In Control Man That All Women Fantasize About

Let me ask you something…

Do you ever feel like women have absolutely zero sexual interest in you…

Or worse… that they actually feel repelled by you?

Do you ever feel that women you date (or attempt to date) just aren’t interested in sex…

Or worse… just not interested in sex with you specifically?

Do you ever fear that if things do start to become intimate between you and a woman, that you won’t know what to do…

Or worse… how to do things right?

If any of this sounds familiar… you are not alone.

In fact, you may have heard me mention that I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 18 years old.

Up until that point, I had gotten used to women not paying attention to me – and I just assumed that I wasn’t the type of guy that women were interested in.

I would hear stories about the other guys in my high school hooking up with the attractive girls… and, over time, I just got the point where I accepted the idea that those guys must have something special about them that attracted women in a sexual way.

The more these other guys scored, and the more I didn’t score, the more I affirmed that belief in my mind…

But here’s the kicker:

Just because women weren’t interested in me in a sexual way… didn’t mean that I wasn’t interested in them in a sexual way.

My desire was always there… hoping… waiting… praying for a chance opportunity to be with one of these seemingly out-of-reach beauties I saw all around me.

Now that I look back on it, I realize that the frustration that came from my belief that I would never be successful with women… combined with my growing desire to be with one of these women… together, these beliefs ruled my mental world.

I basically had no idea that I had the word desperate written in big bold letters on my forehead.

Women could see it… but I had no idea it was even there.

This led to another set of problems as I got older…

Because I secretly believed that women weren’t interested in me in that way, I could be talking to an attractive woman, and as soon as I started to think “Hey, this woman is hot…” I would become incredibly self-conscious.

All of a sudden, I felt like she not only knew what I was thinking, but she was probably disgusted by it and wanted to get away from me!

What Was Wrong With Me… And Why Couldn’t I See It?

At that time in my life, I had NO WAY of knowing what the problem was.

Well, actually, I had three problems:

  1. I had NO Sexual Confidence
  2. I had NO Sexual Experience
  3. I had NO Clue

Not only did I lack confidence and experience, I didn’t have anyone to slap me upside the head and say “Hey dumbass! Go get this problem handled before it ruins your whole life and you become the world’s oldest virgin!”

In total, I spent around ten years of my adult life in this rat maze, trying to find the secret door… and only running into one frustrating situation after another.

I’d get lucky, and start a casual conversation with a woman that I found attractive… and screw it up because I was so insecure about my sexuality… and because I thought she could never find me attractive… so I wouldn’t even try.

I’d get lucky again, and wind up dating a woman that I really liked… and because I had no Sexual Confidence, I’d turn into “Super Wussy Boy” and she’d get bored of me… and we’d break up.

I’d get very lucky… and find myself in a situation where an attractive woman was in bed with me… but I’d get nervous and self-conscious… and not be able to even get sexually excited (by the way, this one is the hardest to even admit… and I can’t believe I’m typing these words right now).

These are just a few of the countless situations that I screwed up over those ten or so years of my life.

And, if you’ve been reading this and can identify with what I’m talking about, then what I’m about to say will probably change your life forever…

The Easily Fixable Root Of The Problem

The sad (but true) fact is that I had no idea that my problems were coming from my mind.

It wasn’t that women weren’t interested in me… and it wasn’t that they were disgusted by my desire for them…

The reality was that I didn’t know how to make them interested… and I didn’t know that if they were interested, that they would like the fact that I wanted them sexually.

But I also mentioned earlier the factor called sexual experience.

Here, I’m talking specifically about knowing exactly how to please a woman in the bedroom. I’m talking about having the goods.

I’m talking about being able to look at a woman and say to yourself “if that woman is lucky enough to experience some time with me on an intimate level, she is going to remember it for the rest of her life.”

I’m talking about the fact that when you combine sexual confidence with sexual experience, and you develop them consciously… you will become a man that has unlimited options with women.

See, most women rarely (or never) meet a man who has that amazing combination of Sexual Confidence plus the ability to really please her in the bedroom.

And that’s actually very good news for you…

The Magic Key To Turbocharging Your Sexual Success With Women Instantly

Getting sexual confidence plus sexual experience for yourself quickly… without going through years of nervousness, embarrassment, and hassle (like most men do) really is something that any man can do.

But, until now, there has never been a place for guys like you and me to go to learn how to get sexual confidence and sexual experience for themselves quickly, easily and painlessly.

You either had this stuff, or you didn’t (or you were hard-headed like me, and spent many frustrating years of your life figuring it out for yourself).

Well, now there is a place you can learn these concepts, theories, and skills… and the great news is that today… you can start learning it all of it right from the comfort of your own home!

I’ve put the finishing touches on a home-study program that I call Power Sexuality, and I’d like to tell you about it…

This program is the very first of its kind.

It’s designed to help men overcome the same sexual issues that held me back from success with women for many years… the very personal stuff that doesn’t just disappear on its own… and can affect you your entire life unless you take action to get rid of it.

In my Power Sexuality will show you exactly how to do that… plus a whole lot more.

Here’s a few of the other powerful things you’ll learn:

  • The #1 most powerful way to trigger instant sexual attraction when you first meet a woman – Women are hardwired to respond to this simple technique
  • A simple trick that doubles the intensity of any sexual technique. She’ll remember you forever because you’ll be the only man who’s ever been able to make her feel this good
  • How to eliminate all feelings of shame, shyness, and insecurity around your sexuality quickly and permanently. This is the first step to becoming a Sexually Confident male… and I’ll show you some simple, 3-minute exercises to do it
  • The 4 factors a woman uses to size up a man’s sexual potential when they meet. Miss just one and she’ll feel you’re genetically inferior, and not worthy of being with her
  • step-by-step method for creating sexual chemistry… how to get her incredibly turned on… and fantasizing about having sex with you non-stop until it actually happens
  • Why you must never focus on getting sex when with a woman if you want to actually have sex with her. Instead, do this… and often she will be the one who initiates it
  • Your biggest sexual weapon… I’ll show you how to build up intense feelings of sexual tension with a woman inside and outside the bedroom… and then give her a mind-blowing experience she will remember forever
  • The huge mistake guys make before doing the deed that kills attraction and makes a woman nervous about doing it with you
  • secret innocent way to touch a woman that gets her thinking about you and wanting you to touch her more and more and more

But all of that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

If you are currently suffering from any of the deadly fears (and crippling limitations) that I talked about earlier – then I highly recommend you get this program immediately… because by the time you finish going through it and using the powerful tools inside, you’ll feel far more Sexual Confidence and you’ll be far more successful with all stages of meeting women.

So why not get this done right now and start living the life you really want?

This program will help you do it… I 100% guarantee it.

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