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Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Closing Clients Group:

  • 24/7 access to outreach experts who will support you and answer your questions through our Slack channel
  • A community of 150+ other like-minded members
  • Bi-Weekly mastermind calls teaching the most up-to-date and effective outreach strategies
  • Immediate access to all past recorded bi-weekly calls
  • Expert-led webinars every month
  • Immediate access to all past recorded webinars
  • Discounted software and exclusive lifetime deals
  • Complete sales call training with recorded mock sales calls
  • Outreach blueprint. A step-by-step guide to starting and scaling an agency
  • How to start and scale a LinkedIn agency by Nick Abraham
  • Steven Tristers complete __VSL framework
  • Video on how to become 3x more productive as quickly as tomorrow and how you can apply psychology to close more deals
  • Access to vetted sales closers and inbox managers working on commission
  • Software video walkthroughs to set up all your automation in less than a day
  • Tools to find emails for any decision-maker on the planet
  • Access to emails that are printing meetings in multiple industries

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