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The Epic Lover/Epic Relationship Bundle

The Wildly Effective, Counterintuitive Method To Deepen Your Romantic Bond, Set Your Sex Life On Fire, and Experience Whole New Levels Of Pleasure and Connection

Because she doesn’t want another necklace… She wants to finally unlock the secret to deeper, easier communication and the mind-melting sex life of her dreams. Reignite the spark in your relationship for good… And have fun while doing it.

The Epic Bundle is the gift that delivers way more than just a smile…​

Combine The Revolutionary Course on Deeply Loving Communication with The Top-Selling Course on Advance Sexual Practice… And Light Your Relationship on Fire

This month only, Caitlin V offers her best-selling courses on advanced sexual pleausure (Epic Lover) and deeply connective communication (Epic Relationship) at a never before, and never again seen price.

The two teachings work hand in hand to strengthen your romantic bond and reignite your relationship both in and out the bedroom.

These effective, sultry, and fun module-based programs allow you to finally connect to your partner on a deeper level than ever before. In a way that you literally can’t get wrong.


This top-selling course on mind-melting physical intimacy has helped thousands of couples reignite the spark and rediscover their sexuality in ways they never thought possible.


This top-selling course on meaningful and effective communication has helped thousands of couples eliminate fighting, strengthen their bond, and set the stage for an incredible relationship… Both in and out the bedroom.



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