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Thinking Of Experimenting With Google Ads? Wondering If Google Ads Are Worth The Money?

The average Facebook user spends 30–40 minutes a day on the social platform — but that same person spends an average of 155 minutes every day surfing the web or scrolling through other social websites.

So while Facebook is our primary advertising channel, and the one we recommend media buyers start with the most…

As your business grows, you want to scale across all of the places your customers spend their time.

To do this, you need to start thinking about an omni-channel traffic strategy.

Google adds 4 new traffic channels in
one powerful ad platform

Search Ads

Strengthen any existing ad strategy with powerful retargeting campaigns to increase bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Display Ads

Grow brand awareness and generate new leads with top-of-funnel Display Ads that reach 90% of all internet users.

Shopping Ads

Build high-ROI shopping funnels and product feeds to capture more bottom-of-funnel sales for any ecommerce brand.

YouTube Ads

Unlock a massive new sales channel and diversify your traffic by scaling onto YouTube’s 2+ billion user platform.

With Google Ads, you won’t need to learn a different marketing platform for each new traffic channel.

All your data flows into a single ad account, so you can share winning audiences cross-channel and manage your Search, Display and Shopping campaigns from one place.

And similar to Facebook’s interest targeting, you can use Google’s affinity targeting to find new customers, create “look-a-like” audiences and scale winning campaigns.

Looking for new ways to scale? YouTube is the perfect secondary channel.

We went from spending $0 on YouTube ads to generating $779,335 in just 6 months — all from cold traffic!

After Facebook, there’s no other ad platform that can match YouTube’s huge reach, high engagement, and detailed targeting options. Simply put, it’s the ideal secondary channel to pair with your existing traffic campaigns.

Now, there are months when YouTube beats Facebook in spend and CPA!

So here are two key reasons why we love YouTube ads:

YouTube Is a Shopping Platform

YouTube has a lot more than funny cat videos. It’s developed into a trusted shopping platform where savvy advertisers can reach over 2 billion potential customers around the world.

Consider these facts:


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