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About This Course

Ready to unlock the secret to prolonged pleasure? With Ejaculation Mastery, you’ll learn how to last longer in bed with easy-to-follow video lessons, practical exercises, and advice from a world-renowned expert.

What You Will Learn

  1. The five aspects of lasting longer
  2. Practical tools to take control of ejaculation
  3. Tips on involving your partner
  4. How to achieve multiple orgasms

Why Join Beducated?

Enjoy Sex More

Experience mind-blowing pleasure and discover new ways to spice things up.

Build Confidence

Become a skillful lover for confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

Communicate Better

Open up to your partner(s) about sex, boundaries, and desires.

Shame-Free. Educational. Safe.

Beducated is an online platform that offers 100+ courses on sex and relationships, led by the world’s top experts.

It’s a safe space for all, no matter relationship status, sexual orientation, or gender.

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