Writing an eBook in 2023 | AI, ChatGPT & free tools for writers to quickly write quality ebooks


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UPDATED Jan 2023: Now Includes AI tools and ChatGPT tool for writers

I believe that everyone has at least one book in them. I have had several writers approach me to help them write eBooks. Not the content but the ‘How’ of writing it. I realised that a lot of people are brilliant writers but somehow the whole new ecosystem of ebook writing is holding them back from entering ebook writing field.

Therefore, I have prepared this course to help everyone know the ‘How’ part of writing, editing, formatting and publishing the ebook.

I have also included mostly free tools to help everyone save money and yet achieve the best results.

Meet Your Teacher

I create courses because it is me who wants/ needs to learn stuff. And in doing so, I distribute the knowledge (occasionally wisdom) and get some good will from those who can learn from my endeavours.

I am NOT a classical teacher. I am actually a doctor. But I have dabbled in so many things in life, that now I have a treasure trove of experiences which I am ready to share.

I teach on a very wide variety of topics so if you wish to convey any such topic to me, on which you want me to build a course, do let me know at https://t.me/drsbhatia

Hands-on Class Project

Download and install Kindle Create from Amazon

Create a one-page manuscript and format it in Kindle Create

Save and upload to KDP

Take success screenshot and upload it here

Sales Page:_https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/Writing-an-eBook-in-2023-AI-ChatGPT-free-tools-for-writers-to-quickly-write-quality-ebooks/1489538476?via=search-layout-grid


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