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The computer science school for students that demand intellectual rigor and depth

Our program integrates a world-class curriculum, personalized mentorship, and infamously rigorous assessment system. We’ve created a reliable way for hard-working, intellectually curious people to unlock their long-term potential.

Learn from instructors that are great programmers and great teachers

Gordon Zhu

Gordon is the founder and lead instructor. At Google, he worked on AdWords, TalkBin (a YCombinator startup acquired by Google), Maps, and the Engineering Education team. He studied economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lily Gentner

Lily joined Watch and Code in 2022 as an instructor. Before that, she worked as a software engineer at Uber, doing iOS development on the UberEats and Driver applications, and at Square, where she helped build and launch the Square for Retail application. She studied statistics and computer science at Harvard University.

A curriculum focused on better thinking, not knowledge

Teaching today is too reliant on knowledge and memorization. This is a mistake when real power comes from being great at discovering answers on your own, such that you can solve any problem. Our curriculum is deliberately designed to help you develop this ability to discover solutions through thoughtful exercises, walkthroughs, and discussions.

Personalized mentorship

We’re fully invested in enabling your success. If you need help, you can get live, individual assistance from an instructor. Sessions are available Monday through Friday by appointment.

Infamously rigorous assessments

Every assessment you submit is meticulously hand-graded for technical correctness, time complexity, space complexity, and overall design. Through this process, you will learn not just how to write correct and performant programs, but you will also learn how to thoughtfully design and structure them. When the time comes for you to tackle interviews (especially algorithms heavy ones), you will be exceedingly well prepared.

Self-paced to ensure mastery

Since we truly want you to master each concept before moving on, we give you the time you need to learn and do things the right way. Fixed deadlines create the need to rush and superficially memorize; this is detrimental for real learning.

A school that grows with you

We’re unusual in that ~60% of our student body is looking for their first programming job. The remaining ~40% are already professional software engineers and use the program to continue to grow in their roles.

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