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Topical Maps Unlocked is Now Open!

A topical map is a visual representation of the main topics, subtopics, and supporting content within your industry. It allows you to clearly outline the scope and depth of your knowledge and expertise, and helps you organize and present your content in a logical and easily digestible way.

The Topical Maps Unlocked (TMU) course is designed to help you establish your site as a topical authority by creating and using a comprehensive topical map.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to research, organize, and present your content in a way that showcases your expertise and builds credibility to users and search engines.

As a TMU student, you will also have access to the private community where you can talk to me and other students about how to create topical maps, increase topical authority, and more SEO tips.

To get all of the course information, head over to the full Topical Maps Unlocked page.

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