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What’s included in Chat Crew?

5 days of Zoom calls, some scripts, and ManyChat sequences. Most of the ManyChat sequences don’t even work and need rebuilding. The zoom call replay links still work, so that’s refreshing.
Overall, I’d recommend against the Chat Crew training. It’s incomplete and not a standalone program. You’ll only see results if you pay for the $5,000/m coaching.

Chat Crew The benefits are undeniable:

  • Simple to build, once you are know-how.
  • No website or landing page is needed.
  • No social media posting is required.
  • No logos to design.
  • You don’t have to use apps like ClickFunnels.
  • Plus, Messenger pre-populates their info (making it easy on them, and accurate for the local biz owner).

Brian Willie and Tim Stremos. Chat Crew

Local marketer supporting, get ya out of the trenches client getters and founders of the one thing that sells like hotcakes in local…
….actual booked appointments.
Yep, not leads, booked appointments.
You watched our video. At least I hope you did! ????
And whaddya do again?
We set up systems to generate thousands of booked appointments for our local clients…
…and then sell them for $60-80 each. Sometimes $125-150 each.

Sales Page:_https://millyuns.com/crew/


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