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It was the sort of noise you’d expect to come from a tank.

But it came from a mailbox. I was sitting in the backseat of a rust bucket Honda Civic with the window down. A couple of empty beer cans rattling around at my feet. Goofy grin on my face. It had stopped raining, the evening sun was out and the silver steel of the car was pebbled with gold droplets. My buddy had just put a firework inside an empty packet of Marlboro Reds, lit the fuse, shoved it inside the mailbox, and ran.

We didn’t know it at the time, of course. We were just teenagers messing about. There was no one around. I’m not proud of it. But I often wonder about that moment. I wonder about the thin lines between luck and fate. I wonder how the course of my life might have been different had the mailbox my buddy chose to destroy not belonged to a member of the State Police.

YO! I’m Parker.

Most of you know me from Twitter already but I love a stray cat and my door is always open.

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Still here?

Ok, quick intro!

I’ve worked in over 25 different countries

I’ve scraped parking lots for change. I’ve pumped out septic tanks. I have lived in war zones and worked on military bases. I’ve done electricity overhauls all over Western Africa.

But now at 29, I live in Brazil and spend my days writing stories.

It’s good to see you here.


It has taken me a chunk of time and most of the dark places a man can go to learn what I know about life and business and the decisions that shape us.

But the idea for what I’m about to share with you came to me in an everyday moment at lunch here in Brazil. When it hit me, I was frying up some chicken with garlic and lemon oregano.

An Instruction Manual for the Most Powerful Device on Earth!

In other words, the ability to:
  • Leverage the hidden story structures of great movies and books for online communication, giving you an UNBEATABLE EDGE over tactic hunters and swipe guys
  • Play the long game by connecting with your followers on an EMOTIONAL level
  • Create captivating stories about fire topics on demand and at scale
  • Craft ideas that get associated with YOU by peeking “through the veil” at the inner workings of the most LOYAL social media followings (not the largest)
  • INSPIRE support and friendships for youyour vision, and your products, giving you an online business you’re PROUD of and that works for you (even while you’re sleeping)

An Important Question For You

What was your reaction to Mark Zuckerberg launching Threads?

Did you:

A) FOMO into creating an account and fret about strategy?


B) Go about your day purposefully improving your skillset, quietly building long-term relationships, and deepening your understanding of the world and its power dynamics?

If you answered B), then pat yourself on the back!

You understand:

The channels change.
But people don’t.

You have what I like to call “human intelligence”

(and I’d love to grab a drink with you someday!)

My hope and my aim and my mission for you is that you can use storytelling as a vehicle for growing your business, your influence, and the quality of your relationships.

Because I want you to experience the dopamine rushes:

Going viral.

DMs exploding.

Stripe notifications coming out of your ears.

Opportunity knocking on your door.

But I also want you to understand and leverage storytelling as a BASELINE skill. 

You can use it with personality branding.

You can weave it into marketing any product or business.

And you can use it in everyday interactions to make life more interesting and fun.

So let’s get into it, ok?

I joined Twitter in June 2022.

I made an account and followed the generic advice of “write what you know.”

I started tweeting about electricity.


I sucked.

Nothing happened.

It took me 3 months to reach 100 followers.

Then one day – frustrated and miserable – I sat down and wrote my story.


I went viral.

I rocketed from a few hundred to 1,200 followers overnight.

Same effort, a radically different result.

Since that day I haven’t looked back.

I started writing true stories using simple language.

Here’s what happened:

Just one year later, I have:

  • 1000+ email subscribers
  • 25,000+ following
  • A world-class network
  • An income generated from my personal brand

I have obsessed over the science and secrets of storytelling.

I started with books and TV shows and movies, but then I went deeper.

I found that storytelling is the ONLY human trait that is truly universal across cultures and through all of known history.

From stories written in the ancient languages of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, and Sumerian . . .

To the oral storytellers in hunter-gatherer tribes and the millions of people who take to social media every day engaging in the same behavior as their ancestors . . .

We are ALL storytellers. And it’s one thing to know that stories are powerful. It’s another to understand why and how.

So let me show you why.

Stories exist on a spectrum. Some are boring and people switch off halfway through.

But the good ones that go viral on social media, become books or movies, form parts of historical speeches, or get retold through generations and travel across the globe . . .

These stories work because they activate a psychological state called “narrative transport”

My 3-Step Process for Activating “Narrative Transport” So ANYONE Can Write Powerful Stories Quickly and Effortlessly

Step 1: Understand the secret benefits of storytelling on an
anthropological level.

When this switch flicks in your head, life will never be the same again. You will see stories everywhere, all the time. But more importantly you will want to write them yourself (once you understand the rewards.)

Step 2: Develop the ability to consistently write emotional stories
at scale.

It used to take me 2 days to write an email. Now I can pump them out in about 35 minutes and I’m getting quicker all the time. The difference? Idea generation. When you get good at idea generation, you become a storytelling machine.

Step 3: Leverage the 3 specific categories of stories that strap a
jetpack on your growth.

There are thousands of different story structures available, but when you focus on just the 3 most powerful frameworks that exist, you start accumulating friends rather than followers and deepen your bond with your audience at an amazing speed.

This 3-Step Process is how you grow and build your business.

And hey, you might say “My business is already growing.”

I don’t doubt that.

I don’t doubt your business will continue to grow and you’ll get where you want to go.

The question is, how fast?

And how many followers and opportunities are passing you by every single day by not having a proper storytelling system in place that compels people to take action?

Well, today, I want to hand over that instruction manual . . .

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