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If you identify with any of the following, the I Am Experience is perfect for you:

  • You are familiar with Neville Goddard, The Secret, Abraham-Hicks, etc, but still feel like something is missing
  • You are struggling to use the law of attraction, or would like to use it more efficiently
  • You are looking to improve your life with less effort 
  • You want to manifest financial freedom, the perfect relationship, a healthier body, or any other desire
  • You desire less stress and more peace and wellbeing 
  • You’re tired of living in fear, doubt and frustration 
  • You’ve been pursuing the path of awakening or enlightenment but feel stuck


The I Am Experience could be best described as a set of experiments that quickly dissolve all blocks and limitation, resulting in higher states of consciousness and the awakened ability to effortlessly manifest anything you desire. It’s a riveting, hands-on journey that will change your life forever.

The process could not be more simple—each day you will be guided in a simple experiment to perform. Perform the experiment throughout the day and watch your life effortlessly change.

From Day 1 you will:

  • Embody your infinite nature
  • Effortlessly eliminate all blocks & limitations
  • Permanently quiet your mind
  • Manifest without effort or technique
  • Find desires start to drop into your lap
  • Experience higher levels of consciousness
  • Discover lasting peace & happiness
  • Finally end the search for answers

What Is It?

This is a 45-day online experience. You will receive a daily lesson and experiment designed to eliminate what’s blocking you and get you manifesting what you want with ease. You will also receive lifetime access to our Facebook group to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Who Is It For?

The I Am Experience is for anybody who wants to manifest more effortlessly and consistently. It works for anybody, regardless of prior knowledge or experience.

How Does It Work?

Backed by the scientific method, our process leverages experimentation and measurable results to guide you in permanent transformation. No other program can say that!

How Is It Different?

Most courses ask you to learn new, cumbersome techniques; instead, our process guides you in discovering your limitless nature and ability to manifest anything without repetitive technique or effort.

Does It Include Support?

Yes! Every purchase comes with lifetime access to our private Mastermind Facebook community, where you can ask questions, receive guidance, and celebrate your successes along the way.


45-Day Program

The I Am Experience is a 45-day journey into Source, infinity, manifestation, enlightenment and more. Through daily experiments, you will discover how infinite you truly are—through actual experience—and unlock the ability to effortlessly manifest anything you desire.

What You Get:

  • 7-weeks of law of attraction lessons & experiments that will get you manifesting with ease and speed (without more technique)
  • The ability to effortlessly manifest abundance, relationships, freedom, success and more
  • Firsthand experience of Source consciousness, oneness, non-duality and enlightenment
  • Lifetime access to our private Mastermind community ($397 value)


Everything about the I Am Experience revolves around results, with one purpose—to get you off the manifesting hamster wheel (struggling with endless techniques that don’t work or blockages/beliefs that won’t budge), and finally manifesting with ease.

Here is just some of what you will experience with the I Am Experience:

Manifest Quickly And Easily—Without The Fluff

Tired of having to learn and practice new manifesting techniques that don’t always work? In just days the I Am Experience will get you manifesting without:

🚫 Visualization
🚫 Affirmations
🚫 Changing your vibration
🚫 Reprogramming your subconscious
🚫 Vision boards
🚫 Scripting
🚫 Hypnosis
🚫 Acting “as if”
🚫 Prayer
🚫 Taking action
🚫 Struggle or frustration
🚫 Persistence
🚫 Or anything requiring EFFORT at all

The I Am Experience’s proven process gets you experiencing how fast, easy and consistent manifestation can truly be—without all the fluff. You’ll never need another technique or method again!

Eliminate All Blocks With Ease

Tried everything but still feel stuck? When you have limiting beliefs and hidden blocks that are holding you back, no method or technique will work. From day one, the I Am Experience guides you in effortlessly eliminating everything that is holding you back. The “old way” is reprogramming your beliefs through force and repetition. We’ve pioneered a new approach—we use experimentation to guide you in discovering and embodying your limitless nature, causing blocks to fall away on their own. Once this happens, you unlock the ability to manifest anything without using effort or technique ever again.

Tap Into Your Limitless Nature

Ever feel like you know what you want, but struggle to believe you can manifest it? From day one, you will experience what the masters, yogis and mystics have taught for ages, but most people spend decades to find, if they ever find at all—our true, infinite nature. You will be guided in simple experiments to actually experience your limitlessness, eliminate all blocks, and unlock your  ability to manifest anything you desire.

Finally Have Mastery Over Your Thoughts

Ever struggle with negative thoughts or a chaotic mind? With the I Am Experience you will discover the way to easily have mastery over your thinking. It’s so simple, so obvious, yet just about everyone misses it! With your mind quieted and under control, you will not only experience more peace than ever before, you will also find there is no limit to the magic your life can become! This is the beginning to unlocking your ability to manifest on-demand… imagine that!

Manifest Without Taking Action

Ever find it confusing whether you need to take action, or what action to take? Ever get caught up in “how” something will manifest? With the I Am Experience you will discover that action is not required for manifestation, and that often it is the very thing that is holding you back. You will watch as manifestations drop into your lap every day… this experience alone changes everything!

It Doesn’t End There…

If that wasn’t already enough, it doesn’t end there—through the 7-week journey you will also:

  • Experience The End of Fear, Lack & Limitation
  • Experience Your Infinite Intelligence & Oneness With The Universe
  • Experience Your Eternal Self
  • Experience How to Transcend Time
  • Experience Your True State of Infinite Joy, Power & Bliss
  • Experience ​How to Live Effortlessly
  • Experience Thoughts Directly Affecting Reality
  • Experience Instant Manifestation
  • Experience How to Never Have Resistance Again
  • Experience Deeper Peace & Happiness Than Ever Before

​And much, much more… plus these limited-time bonuses:

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