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Hey, I’m Barry Hott, the media buyer and performance creative strategist behind some of the highest spending and most profitable ad accounts in the world.

I’ve set up hundreds of high-performance ad accounts used by some of the largest companies and fastest growing startups in the world, so I know a little bit about getting your ad accounts streamlined and ready to scale better than ever.


You can dig in to ad accounts and find what’s getting in the way of scaling to the moon faster than ever.

With my Audit Template you can look at over 80 critical components and cover every nook-and-cranny of your account settings and details.

The audit will show you all the quick-wins you can implement right now to significantly increase your scale.

The 3 biggest mistakes found in most Facebook ad accounts

Working as a media buyer and leading teams of media buyers, I’ve learned that most performance-killing mistakes boil down to the basics.

If your account is over-complicated or lacks clarity, then it’s not going to reach its full potential in terms of sales and profits.

After reviewing hundreds of ad accounts, I’ve noticed that almost ALL of them are making the same 3 conversion-killing mistakes.

These things matter! They can actively prevent you from truly understanding what’s working and getting in the way of scaling your business.

This audit template will give you clear, actionable steps that will:

  • Decrease your account customer acquisition costs
  • Increase your ability to scale
  • Streamline your account structure
  • Save you time
  • Make it easier to see and understand account performance

Audit ad accounts like a 15-year ad industry expert

You could spend hours or even days to procure and organize all of the components I put together here, but you still wouldn’t catch all of the things I know to focus on. Save time and audit like an expert for the cost of a tiny business expense to get the gold standard of audit templates.

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