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💡 How it works

Hi – I’m David, the Founder & CEO of Monkeflow. I’ve  sent over 600m emails and done $25M just in email revenue for eCommerce clients alone.

Yet, there was this one thing I’ve noticed after auditing 125 email Klaviyo accounts. 95% of eCommerce stores were leaving so much money on the table. Even those, that had email marketing agencies working with them.

We have accounts making $50M/year with 50% of whole store’s revenue coming just from email & SMS. That’s $25M per year coming just from email & SMS alone. Just imagine the impact.

The key – sending newsletters consistently.

No matter how big or small your brand is –– if you have at least 5,000 active, engaging subscribers, you must send at least 12-15 campaigns a month.

👉  80% of those campaigns should be content, and 20% should be promotions. (there are exclusions when running big sales like black Friday, easter, Halloween and etc).

⭐️ Those content campaigns that you’d send 80% of the time train your subscribers to open your emails, it provides value, people engage with it & they don’t see it as spam. The other 20% is where you collect the cash.

Sounds easy right? But here’s why most fail…

Let’s take content as an example. Can you think of at least 10 different content ideas that you could send? You can? How about 10 different ideas every single month? That’s more than 100 ideas! 🤯

❌ Most don’t have the time or knowledge for this…

… that’s why this campaign kit has over 170+ emails you can copy & paste for 2023 👇

👆 With this, you’ll never have to think about what & how to send, so you can get more revenue from every email you send.

This kit allows you to skip the hard work and get exact emails to send (with proven tips & tricks for increasing profitability).

The eCom Email Calendar Kit includes:

  • 178 emails you can copy & paste right now
  • 95 examples with Notion files & videos
  • Exact strategies we use for $50M/yr eCom brands

What’s inside 👇


Thank you from the founder email

New Year, New You email

Martin Luther King Day email

Best reviews from last year email

Reminder about brand mission email

and 20 more emails for January


Martin Luther King Day email

Valentine’s Day gift Guide email

Tease Valentine’s Day Sale email

Valentine’s Day Sale start email

Valentine’s Day Sale Follow-up email

and 20 more emails for February


World Cancer Day email

St. Patrick’s day sale email

Astrology Day email

Problem-symptoms email

Low stock alert email

and 25 more emails for March


Product Feature email

Mother’s Day email

Organic UGC’s, TikToks email

Memorial day sale start email

Gift guide for Labor sale email

and 19 more emails for May


Amazon Prime Day Tease email

Amazon Prime Day email

Behind the scenes email

Long-form problem-agitation-solution email

Us vs Them email

and 24 more emails for July


Problem-symptoms email

Your products vs other products email

Do’s & Don’ts email

Target audience-related campaign email

Shopping guarantees email

and 23 more emails for September


BFCM Survey email

VIP list launch email

Veterans/Singles day flash sale email

Black Friday sale start email

Thank you from the founder email

Early Access VIP Black Friday sale

Cyber Monday email + extended

Black Friday plain text reminder with benefits

Black Friday survival guide & countdown (VIP)

Thanksgiving email

and 23 more emails for November


April fools day email

Before & After email

World Health Day email

Easter Sale start email

Easter Sale follow-up email

and 26 more emails for April


Father’s day email

4th of July sale start email

Product use cases email

Cross-sell/bundle deal email

Brand benefits email

and 25 more emails for June


Secret discount email

Follow socials, tease giveaway email

VIP list launch email

Labor day sale start email

Refer a friend email

and 25 more emails for August


Friday the 13th email

Giveaway start email

Halloween gift guide, sale teaser email

Halloween sale start email

Product demos and unboxing email

and 20 more emails for October


Announce shipping deadlines email

Survey email

Christmas Gift-guide + shipping deadlines follow-up email

How your product helped overcome customer problems email

FAQ email

and 24 more emails for October

Included in the eCom Campaign Kit:

  • eCom Email Calendar (Over 170+ emails to copy & paste with examples
  • Ultimate Campaign Metrics Guide (For Most Newsletter Metrics and Stats To Track)
  • Advanced Segmentation Cheatsheet (Copy & Paste Our Campaign Segmentation Setup)
  • Anti-Spam Checklist (Get Out Of Promotions Tab Into Primary Inboxes of Customers)
  • Lifetime Access to Our Discord and 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Included: 170+ emails to copy & paste

Guarantee: 14-day money-back guarantee

Access: lifetime updates & Discord access

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