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Wondering Why Your Marketing Isn’t Hitting Home With Your Audience?
Discover The Secret So Powerful That Harvard University Teaches It

When it comes to marketing that works, there are a few long-held truths:

  1. People buy from those they know and like. This includes affiliates who promote other people’s products.
  2. Loyalty – to you personally or your brand – is the lifeblood of any business.
  3. Conversions happen more quickly when customers can see themselves somehow in the products/services you sell.

What happens when one or all of these don’t exist? Because your audience doesn’t feel a connection to your offers or you, you get ordinary marketing that may leave you frustrated and with lack-luster results.

The fix? Add this one little element to your online marketing and everything changes.


Because Storytelling Lights Up Your Brain

Gregory Berns was lead author of a study at Emory University in Atlanta. During the experiment, his team had students read 30 pages nightly from the novel Pompeii. By administering MRIs before and after the readings, Berns discovered that storytelling evokes an area of your brain that associates what you’re reading with actually doing what you’ve read. In short, stories act like a drug lighting up your brain in positive ways.

Even after the nightly readings stopped, MRIs showed the affects remained in the students’ brains for up to five more days.

Was it a one-time fluke? Nope! For decades, national and international brands have provided storytelling in marketing works.

Storytelling Techniques Saved Procter & Gamble From A Multi-Million Dollar Loss

The original Febreze was unscented and P&G was proud of their new formula that neutralized and absorbed odors. So, their marketing focused entirely on the science behind Febreze.

Sales were horrible!

A team of researchers held in-home interviews to try and find out why. One was with the owner of nine cats. As one researcher got to the point of gagging, he asked the woman what she did about the cat smell.

Cat Owner:  “Smell? It’s not a problem.”

Team Member:  “Do you smell it now?”

Cat Owner:  “No. Isn’t it wonderful that my cats don’t smell?”

Enter Febreze’s “Nose Blind” commercials telling comical stories of homeowners who had gone “blind” to odors in their houses that everybody else could still smell.

That and adding scents to the previously unscented formula did the trick and put Febreze on a profit-generating path.

All The Successful Brands Use Storytelling In Their Marketing

Whether you’ve seen them on their websites, video, TV, social media or somewhere else, you might remember:

  • Subaru – Practically all of their TV commercials and print ads include stories that depict everything from their high safety ratings to how pet owners take their dogs with them everywhere.
  • Farmer’s Insurance – How funny! Those true stories about the most unusual accidents they have covered will make you laugh out loud.
  • Allstate Insurance – It must be a trend for insurance companies to use funny storytelling in their marketing because Allstate’s “Mayhem” ads are hilarious.
  • The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond – Whether on her blog, TV show, social media or anywhere else, this home cook found her fame by letting us get to know her and her entire ranching family with her stories. That and making delicious, unique meals.

Then there’s:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Star Trek
  • U.S. Figure Skating
  • Dodge
  • Nike
  • Airbnb
  • Dove Soap
  • Edward Jones Investments
  • And so many others

How – Exactly – Do You Learn Simple Storytelling Techniques That Sell?

Whether you have your own products/services or you’re an affiliate who promotes other’s products.. just stick with me and I’ll show you how to use stories into a powerful sales tool.

In Storytelling That Sells: Easy Ways to Create & Use Stories That Convert I’ll walk you through simple steps for creating your own brand story or writing/finding other people’s stories to use in your marketing.

Here’s What’s Included In Storytelling That Sells

This course delivers an introduction and six modules in both video and MP3 audio formats.

Module 1 – The Best Stories To Tell Your Audience

Discover the six main types of stories and how they entice and engage customers.

Module 2 – 7 Timeless Storytelling Techniques You Can Use 

Explore seven of the most enduring story formats and how you can easily use them to turn your marketing from so-so to spectacular!

Module 3 – Which Storytelling Types Are Most Effective For Your Audience

Not just any stories will do. Watch and see how to uncover which types will catch the attention and build loyalty in your audience.

Module 4 – How To Create A Story That Engages Your Customers

You’ll see how just a few key elements make a story compelling and give you a quick pathway to follow as you create your own brand story or write stories about others.

Module 5 – Which Media To Use To Create Your Stories

Take your pick! Video? Web pages? Blog posts? Social? Email? With all the different types of media available, how do you know which will be best received by your audience? I’ll show you!

Module 6 – Resizing Stories To Fit Different Media

Obviously, a story the length of a blog post won’t fit easily into an email or social post. But what do you keep and what do you ditch? I’ll give you 3 simple considerations that make your decision easy.


  • Lots of examples of storytelling in marketing that you can refer to for ideas and inspiration.
  • Cheat sheets for each module – no need to scribble notes, just follow along!
  • Q&A right inside the course. No Facebook groups to join.

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