Steven Dux – Duxinator: High Odds Penny Trading


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What you will Learn in this dvd

  • Recent Trading Performance
  • Individual And Consistent Resistances (Adding Resistance)
  • Double Layer Resistance
  • Dip Buying Multi-runner’s Major Panic
  • Volume Prediction (Resistance Vs Support)
  • Indecisive Trades
  • How To Avoid Emotional Mistakes / Major Mistakes I Am Still Making In Trading
  • How To Spot Correct Individual Resistance And Consistent Resistance (Range, Date)
  • Bounce + Gap Up Short
  • Risk Management Methods Through Different Patterns And Categories
  • Brief Example Of Using Statistics In Trading
  • Restricted Range
  • How To Perfect Your Strategy – What My Tracking Results Is
  • How To Read Average Short And Average Long (Entries) To Counter On The Opposite Side
  • Dip Buying Morning Spike On Crowded Tickers
  • Trade Selection / Range Selection
  • New Strategies + Adding More Details Into Old Patterns
  • Volume Gap Theory
  • Identifying Neutralized Area(S)
  • Float Rotation Statistics
  • Double Intraday Top

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