Sourcing For Pennies by Ben Cummings and Traian Turcu


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Traian Says: “I’ll NEVER use Alibaba again! I Figured Out How To Source ANY Product (of ANY quality and variety)… for ‘Pennies’ using 3 little-known “Sourcing Sites” that I discovered. Stop getting screwed over by Alibaba suppliers!” Watch Video Below…

Finally, Learn How to Source Products for Pennies… Using “Top Secret” Sourcing Sites that 99% of Sellers Have Never Even Heard Of

From: Ben Cummings
Where: Palm Springs, California

Did you know that you are getting ripped off  by most Asian manufacturers?

What I mean is: you are grossly overpaying and getting taken advantage of… the moment they hear that you’re an Amazon Seller from the “west” and inquire about their product using Alibaba.

My friend and top 1% amazon seller, Traian Turcu, had several horrible experiences using Alibaba…

And his final straw was losing over $30,000 due to an Alibaba supplier taking advantage of him, overcharging him, and then sending him super poor quality products that led to more than 50 “1 star reviews”!  (Yikes!)

This motivated him to discover a much better method for sourcing products… which led to his vastly superior approach to sourcing that he uses today.

Traian’s sourcing approach gets you 30-80% lower pricing vs. Alibaba…

Better quality…

More responsive/less scammy Manufacturers…

Who are ironically MORE likely to provide low MOQ!

In his new course “Sourcing for Pennies”, Traian will teach you about 3 “top secret sourcing sites” …

Where he gets rock bottom prices of 30%, 40%, sometimes even 80% lower vs. Alibaba!

And these sites are just as easy to use as Alibaba, once Traian shows you the ropes, which he does in this course.

For the first time ever, Traian will reveal & teach his new breakthrough approach to SOURCING, LOGISTICS and SUPPLIER NEGOTIATION in a BRAND NEW course that we’ve just released today called ….

Sourcing For Pennies – The 30 Day Sourcing Challenge!

(Note – ‘Pennies’ is just a metaphor, we hope that’s obvious! We don’t “literally” mean pennies, duh. But Traian has figured out how to get insanely LOW rock-bottom pricing for his manufactured goods, vastly lower than you can on Alibaba!)

This program is for you, if you want to get MUCH LOWER PRICING on products, get BETTER quality…

And the best part is… your competition will have NO IDEA how you are able to source products for such low prices.

Traian Turcu has made MILLIONS as a successful seller, and has helped over 2,000 students to achieve remarkable results. Most attribute Traian with their greatest successes.

He is back with a new program delivered in a 30-day intensive training structure design to keep you FOCUSED … produce RESULTS … and to reveal his best (and most powerful) SOURCING SECRETS that he has discovered and uses.
So, Here Is How The Challenge Works…

And You’ll Also Learn How He Saves A Small Fortune in Shipping Costs.

Sourcing is one thing.

But once you source, you have to get the goods into amazon as cheaply as possible – otherwise you will barely make any profit!

That’s why you will also learn Traian’s remarkable approach to:


Logistics SOUNDS boring, but it can be an area of incredible cost savings.

What good is sourcing for pennies, if you lose your profits to overly high shipping costs!

And what about constantly running out of stock?

Its hard to make money on amazon, when there’s no product at amazon!

This is especially frustrating when you see a top competitor who NEVER seems to have this problem.

This program is will show you exactly how Traian has solved ALL OF THESE LOGISTICS PROBLEMS.

Even better, when you register for this program he will take you by the hand, and “install” this new system into your business over 30 intensive days.

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