Silva Manifesting – Awakening the Reality Architect in You


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A brand new mind empowerment breakthrough from The Silva Method:

Awakening the Reality Architect in you

Master the science of bending reality and create your ideal life withthe Silva Manifesting home training program.

Manifesting: the most unreliable science in the universe?

You already know that your thoughts become things–and that your mind is the key to your ideal reality.

But let’s be real — if the science of manifesting really is the key to all the abundance, health and love your mind can imagine…

Why is your life still a roller coaster of ups and downs? And why aren’t you already living your ideal reality?

We’ll show you exactly why in the next few lines, but first…

Did you know that the problem 9 in 10 people have with manifesting is..
…that it only happens in flashes? Think about it. Remember the last time you manifested a moment of sheer coincidence, luck or synchronicity?

Like receiving a surprise cheque in the mail, just when you needed money. Or meeting an old friend at a cafe, just when you were thinking about him. Or even having a soulmate step into your life, just when you needed someone most.

You know that was your mind power at work. A moment when your intentions and vibrations aligned with the universe, and materialized from your mind into your reality.

But why does this power always slip out of your fingers as suddenly as it appears? And why – unlike some genuine masters – can’t you summon it back like a trusty sidekick, whenever and wherever you need it?


The 6 obstacles that sabotage your manifesting efforts—and howThe Silva Method helps you overcomes them.

You haven’t been holistically educated in the science of manifesting.

There are plenty of books, teachers and programs out there that teach you to awaken your inner potential and live your ideal life.

But most of them are incomplete, and don’t give you the big picture. Some talk about meditation, but completely ignore the importance of emotion-infused visualization. Some talk about manifesting, but they don’t train you to work on your belief system (we call this your inner identity). And some are so tediously time consuming, they require hours upon hours of struggle and practice every day. That’s a big no-no if you’re a busy career person or home maker.

The Silva Method’s solution:

From deep, immersive meditation exercises to effective visualization techniques to the 3-step Desire-Belief-Expectancy process, we’ve created a complete process for every aspect of manifesting and Reality Architecture. Best of all it’s practical: it only takes 5 minutes a day.

Your belief system has been sabotaged.

Since the day you were born, your parents, teachers, mentors and the media have conditioned you with a certain set of beliefs that silently influence your reality TODAY. Some of these beliefs are good, but some, like believing money is the root of all evil, or that hard work is the only path to success, are damaging.

When you’re unconscious of these beliefs, they can wreak havoc in your life. They can hold you back in your career, sabotage your relationships, mess with your self-confidence and self-image, and even damage your health. And yes, they can hold you back from ever awakening your inner Reality Architect.

The Silva Method’s solution:

Jose Silva found that it’s possible to weed out and remove negative beliefs through positive programming exercises. These exercises use specific words, tone of voice and instructions to penetrate deep into your belief system, and eliminate the negative beliefs from within. Once these negative beliefs are replaced with positive ones, manifesting becomes that much easier.

You’ve been ignoring your subconscious mind.

You surely know that your thoughts create reality. But did you know that it’s not just your conscious, but also your subconscious thoughts that control your life? Even people who are passionate about personal growth often make this mistake, and they end up focusing too much on logical reasoning and conscious commitments to themselves.

When you fail to program your subconscious mind, all those hidden negative beliefs and paradigms embedded in your subconscious will silently sabotage your reality —often without you even realizing it.

The Silva Method’s solution:

By guiding you into the Alpha and Theta levels of mind, The Silva Method creates a direct line to the subconscious and superconscious. And just like a hypnotist who can help you quit smoking, this connection allows you to immediately change the way their mind thinks and functions. The key here is learning to speak to the language of the subconscious through symbolism —and the result is a deeper understanding of your true self, and better control over thoughts and actions.

You don’t have an optimized daily routine.

When you need to clean your body, you shower. But what do you do throughout the day when you need to clean your mind? When you feel unfocused in the morning, do you take the time to set your intentions? Do you meditate when you’re stressed out in the afternoon? Do you visualize just before bedtime?

We are trained to believe that stress, frustration and worry are normal human tendencies, but they’re not. True Reality Architects rarely experience these emotions, because like athletes they’ve developed a set of daily habits that train their minds to retain positive stamina all day, every day.

The Silva Method’s solution:

The common perception of personal growth and meditation is that it takes hours of focused effort every day to see even the slightest results. But through our research, we’ve found it’s possible to experience profound results in just 5 minutes a day. The solution? A set of quick yet powerful mind empowerment techniques and “zap” meditations for staying focused, energized and positive throughout the day. They take less than 5 minutes to do, which means you can easily weave them into your daily schedule and practice them even during your lunch break.

You don’t have a strong support network.

It’s been said that the 5 people closest to you are the sum of your future success. The question is, are your friends, family and co-workers helping or holding you back? When you seek their advice, are they telling you the right things, or are they programming your subconscious with negative beliefs?

Even thought they have the best intentions, the people around you could be unknowingly hindering your progress.

The Silva Method’s solution:

Jose Silva was a firm believer in the power of collective intent: that many people focusing on a desired outcome amplifies its probability. That’s why he turned The Silva Method into a thriving global community that convenes at seminars and events throughout the year. Using the internet, over 100,000 Silva students interact daily on blogs and Facebook pages. This means you’re always able to connect with instructors and members for support and friendship, no matter where you are in the world.

You’re moving too slow.

Every now and then, you’ll get an epiphany or a breakthrough that takes your life to the next level. Sometimes it’s an amazing business idea. Sometimes it’s realizing a personal limitation that you need to fix.

The problem is, without any guidance or intuitive knowledge, these breakthroughs often take too long to surface. Many people spend years wallowing in the same indecision, wasting time and missing out on opportunities in the process.

The Silva Method’s solution:

One of the biggest gaps holding us back from manifesting our ideal life is answers. What’s the next step to take in our careers? How should we attract that soulmate? Reality Architects have a way of speeding up the answers that come to them through deep intuition: they literally wake up in the morning with answers to their questions and challenges. The Silva Method trains you to become naturally inspired and intuitive, so you can make accurate decisions and find the right answers at exhilarating speeds.

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