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Are you sick of your Specific Person not contacting or pursuing you? If so, read below…Because you can create a reality where your SP will treat you exactly how you want to be treated… And in my newest course, I’ll show you how!

Trust me, I know it sucks when you feel left hanging by your Specific Person…

When you feel:
​Not loved, respected, listened to, desired or cared for by the person you love!
It’s NOT something ANYONE would ever want.

You don’t have to experience this reality anymore!
That’s right.

You can create a reality where your Specific Person misses you, contacts you in an ongoing way, desires you and pursues you as much as you want.

And in this course, I’m going to show you exactly how.

YOU are the one and only Creator of your reality.
This means that you’re literally creating everything in your life, including:
How a Specific Person sees you, feels about you, thinks about you, treats you & acts with you.
In fact, YOU ARE so powerful that you are controlling if a Specific Person shows up with you in the following ways:

  • If your Specific Person misses you (or not)
  • If your Specific Person thinks about you (or not)
  • ​If your Specific Person calls you (or not)
  • ​If your Specific Person texts you (or not)

​And if your Specific Person is attracted to you, desires and pursues you (or not)…

That’s right.

Your Thoughts, Feelings & Beliefs are ENTIRELY in control of HOW your Specific Person shows up with you…

Which is why it’s so important to Consciously Design YOUR INNER WORLD so that you’re creating a reality where your Specific Person shows up with you in the exact way you want!

And that’s what this course will teach you to do.

Here’s the journey this course will take you on:

  • ​3 hours of Video Instruction directly from Shelly
  • ​75 minutes of Guided Meditations
  • ​Over 4 hours of material (not including the Workbook!)
  • ​6 comprehensive Lessons that will guide you to create the reality where you are Missed, Contacted, Desired and Pursued by your Specific Person
  • ​6 deep-dive Meditations to get you into the State of the Wish Fulfilled (this is ALL you have to do to manifest your SP exactly the way you want!)
  • ​80-page PDF Workbook filled with exercises to create the reality that your SP misses, contacts & pursues you!
  • ​Once you join, all these Videos, Meditations & Workbook are yours to access forever!
  • ​​Receive INSTANT Access to all this course material (this whole course is yours NOW, as soon as you join)
  • Last but not least… you’ll receive a WHOLE NEW REALITY with your Specific Person

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