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Dear Entrepreneur,

I have a hard pill you won’t want to swallow right here.

Video is the answer.

But you’re not visible.

You’ve got no deal flow.

Your referrals are dead.

Your pipeline is bone dry.

And yet you’re hustling.

Frankly, you’re still… “doing it all.” But, wait…

Because I was just like you, honestly.

Scared. Afraid of being “vocal.”

I was seen, but never heard.

And yet I wanted to be known.

But inside, something pulled at me with self-sabotage. Like some double-edged sword, it wouldn’t let me put myself out there.

As a result, the businesses I had seriously struggled.

Not because they were bad offers, with bad marketing, and bad sales.

But because of me.

I was the broken bottleneck.

Then I got the opportunity of a lifetime…


All of a sudden, I was forced to find out what worked for others.

Big brands. Scrappy Startups. Solopreneurs. Fortune 500 companies. eComm. SaaS.

All of it, and more.

I fought against my own inner saboteurs and forged relationships with over 5,000 content owners worldwide.

Starting from my apartment, to a team of 42… we distributed tens of thousands of video clips all over Facebook™

In fact at one point, we managed over 1 Billion views per month for MAJOR Facebook™ pages.

And then something just *clicked* for me…

All because I finally knew what worked with video content.

I mean, listen…

I was still nervous.

But I was armed with billions of impressions, clicks, and data on what worked.

And so in 2018 I created my own personal brand, totally solo, and transferred over to LinkedIn™.

And honestly?

For solopreneurs, coaches/consultants, SMB’s… the WHOLE heap…

The place is literal dynamite.

Because I went from nothing in 2018, to…

Even better?

In just 6 months of creating videos, I’d grown to over 25,000+ followers, with 2 Million video views.

In 2021, I’d build up to over 700,000 followers. Which basically means I’m doubling my growth every single year. AND I NEVER expect it to stop!

Now I help others do the exact same, but customized to their needs, their businesses, and their lifestyle.


  • You attract MORE leads, with better quality…
  • You’re closing easier deals because they know you already
  • You’re building the foundations of predictable business growth

Sound good?

Normally entrepreneurs come into our agency and company to work with us directly.

But I don’t lie to you…

It is a pretty serious investment.

I mean, it’s worth it for some…

But not for everybody.

And so I decided to do something I’ve never done before…

And package up EVERYTHING into a DIY-style training that you can go through at YOUR pace.

Who knows…

You might just use a few strategies… triple your engagement… and own a process for creating leads on demand…

Or you might just finish the whole thing and build the foundations of an unreal and growing brand…

Or you might just watch the training I’ll give you on positioning and become the reigning new thought leader in your space…

All I know is that I’m going to plug you into the data, trends, techniques, strategies, and growth-hacks for building amazing content, on the best business platform around.

If you’re not only interested but fully ready to dominate LinkedIn™ and take market leadership in your space…

Under zero circumstances can you afford to miss what I’m about to deliver to you right here.


It’s not going to matter if you’re starting with a small (or even new) profile.

Your age doesn’t matter. Your camera doesn’t matter. Your copywriting (barely) matters.

Tbh, if you’re starting with a blank canvas, you’ll have as simple of a time as somebody who already has a presence.

And if you’re reading this and you have a smaller presence and following…

In a matter of weeks from now, it’s about to skyrocket.

And we’ll do it all using the following methodologies:

  • Social Media Frameworks that attract attention, and keep attention…
  • The real answer to video scripts that flow, get #replays, and lead to deals
  • How to kill your inner saboteur, and feel as ease on camera as you do talking to a friend over coffee
  • The 3 ways to boost your content on the feed (please DON’T do what I’ll show you at 34 minutes into the LinkedIn™ platform video)
  • What you should (and *SHOULDN’T*) do to create, optimize and scale your profile
  • Get inner and outer confidence on video (and sales calls)
  • 101 on staging amazing videos → Look professional, Feel relatable, Act like a leader
  • Find and attract MORE of your dream prospects on LinkedIn™ (definitely use this to increase your client quality)
  • How to fill a pipeline from simple 3-minute videos
  • Build a content machine that grows almost automatically
  • What great ideas look like, and what bad ideas feel like – Use this to go LIVE on a whim, and stock your content calendar months in advance
  • Identify subtle, little gaps in your market that let you take market leadership fast
  • My Promise: Make (certain) videos in less than 10 minutes (end procrastination and perfection when growing your audience)
  • How to take your reach, connections, and followers → turn them into leads → and create a repeatable process to revenue
  • Frameworks for writing, video, content calendars, ideas, posts, and much more – never get left wondering HOW to grow your audience (and business) again!

“So wait… Shay… what’s the investment?

That’s the best part, because it’s a fraction of what it should be.

My old agency used to be a multi 5-figure investment.

And our flagship program is usually a multi 4-figure investment.

But you won’t need to invest anything near that to grow your audience, reach, and revenue today.

You’ve already seen some of the results above.

You already know that video and LinkedIn™ is going to build your business.

And you’ve seen the strategies that I’ll hand you today in a matter of minutes from now.

So forget paying $5K.

Forget needing $2.5K.

Right here on this very page, I’ve had my tech team set up a code for the “NEW YEAR”…

Which means that if you order The Intensive LinkedIn™ Bootcamp Video Training…

You’ll save $500 today as a credit…

Get more than 50% off…

And be one of the first EVER users of this DIY training.

So for a very short time…

You can invest just $997 into your business – grab The Intensive LinkedIn™ Bootcamp Video Training – and build repeatable content to build reach and close deals.

I can’t stress this enough, but…

My only goal is to make content, audience growth, and revenue bumps your new standard.

My other goal? To make it easy… especially when it’s:

$497 / 52 = $9.56 dollars per week over the next year

$497 / 365 = $1.36 dollars per day over the next year

Then think about how many courses most entrepreneurs BURN through… never finding the answers they need.

Never actually growing their business.

Never really doing what it takes to grow content and revenue… and build repeatable growth into the core of every single thing you do.

With this right here?

For most, the growth of their audience (and business) is a pray and hope situation 🙏

And right here, I’ve offered you the one stop solution inside The Intensive LinkedIn™ Bootcamp Video Training.

Remember that:

It’s just $1.36 a day over your next year of revenue growth.

It’s tax deductible (year end!)

These strategies come from BIG brands… and work all the way to solopreneurs

Has been attributable to me, all my private clients, and more

So here’s what to do next…

Take your “NEW YEAR” discount code (already applied)

Click ANY gold button on this page.

Take your $5000 savings.


Go forth and profit.

You can start growing your audience – building market leadership — and filling your pipeline with video content right now. Just click below today.



P.S. – Skipped to the bottom to skim? Here’s everything in 128 words…

The Intensive LinkedIn™ Bootcamp Video Training invites business owners of ALL kinds into the world of video content growth.

Those same video strategies will directly lead to your bottomline growth through…

More leads >> Easier Sales >> Incredible relationships.

This WILL be a $997 offer… but in a brand new launch… you will be amongst the very few to use these DIY strategies…

AND save $500 with the automatic code “NEW YEAR”.

Plus it’s guaranteed, with more than 50% off, which makes it a MASSIVE win/win for you!

This is a tax-deductible, one-time-only offer for you to grow today. So don’t wait!

Grab it and join me on this chair by using any of the buttons on this page (or just the one below! 👇)

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