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Top Performer

How do you build a career you truly love? One where you’re not only paid well, but you’re doing work that matters?

Top Performer will show you how. Building on Cal Newport’s best-selling book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, the course guides you through an 8-week process of deeply understanding your career path and identifying the specific changes you can make that will bring big results. The course has served over 5000 students from all career stages and professions, helping them become top performers.

Normally, sessions for Top Performer are only held once per year. However, those on the waiting list get more frequent opportunities to join. Add your name to the list, and we’ll also send you a free lesson series you can start using right away to build a better career.

-Cal and Scott

The course sections include the following:

  1. Phase One: Learn crucial research techniques to save you years of wasted effort. Understand the intricacies of your career, make informed decisions, and avoid common pitfalls. In this phase, you will learn about the number one mistake people make when making career decisions, how to become an expert in your career and receive guidance on choosing the right path.
  2. Phase Two: Project Master the art of selecting the right project for rapid advancement. Craft deliberate practice projects to build key skills and effectively measure your progress. In this phase, you’ll discover the quickest way to get good at complex skills, procrastinate-proof your projects, and integrate deliberate practice into your existing job for faster results.
  3. Phase Three: Deep Work Emphasize the importance of deep work, cutting through busyness to get important tasks done. Adopt strategies the world’s most productive people use to achieve results without burning out. Learn how to control your busyness, work more deeply, manage your energy, and improve your ability to concentrate and focus on tasks.
  4. Phase Four: Mastery Apply the lessons of research and deliberate practice to your entire career. Cultivate a circle of mentors, make smart long-term career investments, and develop a system for continuous improvement. In this phase, you’ll learn about the importance of feedback, how to overcome “Desk Drawer Syndrome,” and how to repeat the processes in Top Performer for ongoing growth.

The top Performer 2023 course includes 60 lessons from the original program and features eight new lessons and interactive worksheets, guiding you through the process step-by-step. 

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