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Whether you’re new to marketing or an experienced veteran, this course will help you create marketing that works.

From the creator of Nudge

Nudge, the consumer psychology podcast, helps thousands of marketers understand the science behind marketing. This course is brought to you by the show’s host and creator, Phill Agnew.

5+ hours of content

With 4 modules, 14 chapters and 53 bite-size lessons the Science of Marketing course contains everything you need to level up your marketing.

Why choose this course?

Too many marketing decisions are based on gut instinct. Very few of us marketers have the science to justify our approach. This course is designed to change that.

Over four modules, you’ll learn how to apply evidence-based science from the world of consumer psychology to your marketing. Going through each stage of the marketing funnel you’ll learn proven tactics to improve your work.

Inspired by marketing pioneers

The Science of Marketing course is vetted, tested and approved by senior-level marketers from across the globe.

We partnered with behavior science experts and marketing experts on the Nudge podcast to put together this course.

With insights drawn from conversations with Richard Shotton, Nir Eyal, Phil Barden, Nathalie Nahai, Steve Martin and Rand Fishkin you’ll learn proven principles from the world’s best.

8 reasons to sign up

🧠 Each module provides actionable tactics you can apply immediately.

🤓 Based on peer-reviewed studies and cited sources, this course takes the fluff out of marketing providing you with strategies that work.

📝 Coursework questions and follow-up discussions with the course host to help you apply what you’ve learnt.

📹 5+ hours of bite-sized video content that’s inspiring yet easy to watch.

🗓 The content is updated every quarter so you’re only ever working off up-to-date info.

📙 Full access to 14 cheat sheets containing powerful marketing tactics that are proven to work.

🔖 Official Science of Marketing® certification upon completion.

🧠 Plus, full access to the catalogue with +100 marketing tips and tactics.

The Course Format

The online, on-demand course is designed to help you learn how to improve your marketing at every stage of the marketing funnel. During the course you will:

  1.  Watch 5/10 minute lessons covering core principles of behavioral science
  2.  Read descriptive examples to understand core principles
  3.  Learn how to apply each principle with clear case studies
  4.  Work through section questions and come up with ideas for your business
  5.  Download cheat sheets to share with teammates

For most, the course takes a solid eight hours to complete and students in general take a week or two to finish.

How the Science of Marketing course will help you…

🧠 Concretely understand how consumers make decisions by learning the fundamentals of behavior science.

📈 Create marketing campaigns that deliver reliable results. Start to test strategies that work and grow your business.

✅ Level-up your team and share the insights you’ve learnt.

👩🏽‍💼 Stand out in the job market – becoming Science of Marketing certified will help you get ahead of your peers when competing for jobs.

💯 Stop basing decisions on gut instinct and guesswork. Use behavior science to guide your decisions and generate real ROI.

🏔 Advance up the career ladder with your newfound knowledge, skills, and ability to build marketing campaigns that deliver results.

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