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Learn How To Transform And Manipulate Your Body’s Nine Energy Systems To Create Faster Healing, Better Longevity And Be In Tune With Your Own Natural Healing Energies

This program is for you if:

  • You are fascinated by the potential of energy medicine and want to take a step towards learning its use for healing yourself.
  • You are tired of the crisis-intervention style traditional medicine and want to take control of your own health by working with your body’s energy systems.
  • You are looking for ways to compliment your doctor’s medical advice with natural practices of Energy Medicine so you can live longer, enjoy more vitality and experience great mind-body connection.

Energy Medicine is a life-changing deep dive into your body’s natural energetic systems. You’ll embark on a series of tutorials, exercises, and powerful energetic experiences designed to improve your existing energy healing practice – all in just eight short weeks.

By the end of this journey, you’ll know how to work with your unique energetic blueprint to awaken physical and emotional healing, restore your vitality, eject negative energy, and relieve pain. Guiding you every step of the way is Donna Eden, widely regarded as one of the world’s top energy healing practitioners.

What You’ll Learn

Seven Ways This Energy Medicine Program Will Transform You

01. You’ll start sensing your body’s signals of ease and distress which allows you to make healthy choices for getting back on track long before a crisis.

Energy Medicine believes that underneath the biochemical processes, there is an energy flow that governs much of what is happening to the body. In fact, illness results from blocks in this energy flow. So by learning to sense this energy flow, you can develop an early-warning system that makes it impossible for you to have a health crisis.

02. You’ll understand the nature of your own energy in ways that help you improve your health and vitality

Energy blocks restrict the flow in the body’s energy pathways. Each person’s energies are unique, and by getting to know the nature of your own, you can take action to clear blocks and enjoy rapid and significant progress in your health and vitality.

03. You’ll develop the energetic vibrancy, mental clarity and emotional balance you need to set yourself up for an extraordinary life.

By doing specific exercises that nurture your body’s energy flow, you can put yourself in the most optimum state for high performance, creativity and resilience. This will support you in reaching goals in all parts of your life, and you will find yourself exceeding your own expectations for living a truly extraordinary life.

04. You’ll learn how to manage bodily stress and to function in the world with greater joy, ease, and flow.

Certain energy pathways, when blocked, trigger an immediate stress response when blocked. By supporting these pathways, you can interrupt or even prevent the stress response. This translates to better overall health and improved brain function.

05. You’ll have tools to select the food and clothing that is in energetic harmony with you, bringing out the best in you.

Every choice you make in life, however minute, will either enhance your energy or diminish it. You will learn to make the choices that optimize your energy and your life.

06. You’ll know how to work with other people’s energy in a way that harmonizes and rejuvenates them.

You will gain simple tools that can energize those who matter to you. It is a wonderful gift to be able to share.

07. You’ll experience greater spiritual expansion and growth that adds a new sense of meaning and fulfillment to your life.

By understanding your own energies, you begin to connect with your spirit or higher self in new ways. Spirit is, in fact, the original source of your energy field. Connecting with it more deeply results in higher states of joy, clearer sense of purpose, and greater overall peace of mind.


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