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You’ll 10x your strategic power and:

  • Discover and expertly wield the building blocks every successful landing page needs – systematically and intentionally – like a well-balanced ninja
  • Identify the biggest problems with your landing page copy and use the lessons (and worksheets) to immediately start optimizing your landing pages
  • Master the rule of one → the not-so-secret key behind the most successful landing pages
  • Go from scattered to structured with wireframes that make you look like a pro and save you endless rounds of revision
  • Know what A/B tests you need to run – and the ones you can safely ignore – to take your landing pages to that level where they’re beating past controls

You’ll 10x your copywriting prowess and: 

  • Slay the old, unproven ideas that pull apart the antiquated “what landing page copy should be doing” assumptions and rebuild it on a solid, proven, conversion copywriting foundation
  • Master the unique rules for writing a landing page that goes beyond message matching, axing the navigation menu and removing all competing links
  • Use proven structure and message finding techniques to craft a captivating sales message every time so that no traffic morsel goes to waste
  • Write and map out landing pages like a pro with the proven blueprints that help you fill all that space between the headline and the button on your page with powerful, persuasive, customer-focused copy
  • Use advanced persuasion and must-know copywriting techniques that will give your words the weight and gravitas they need to be effective

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