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So, If You Are Ready, Let’s Get Started…

Dear Restaurateur,

I started out as a client of Restaurant Systems Pro all the way back in 2004. I had already been in the business since 1988. Within a month of the time I joined I was asked to come onboard as a restaurant coach. This was because of my experience as a chef and the success I achieved implementing these systems in my own restaurants.

By 2005 I was on a plane every week helping other restaurants. My restaurants had to continue to operate without my constant supervision. I had to definitely practice what I was preaching.

I honed my skills because I had to have my managers execute exactly what I was on the road teaching. We have continued our Running a Profitable Restaurant From Soup To Nuts twice a year since 2004. I have continued to update and improve our systems to make them faster and easier easier to implement.

The real world use of our systems within my own restaurant group and the 700+ in Restaurant Systems Pro give us the feedback needed to continually update them with the best practices. A cumulation of 17 years of best practices are in this recorded, 4-Day workshop.

Don’t make the common mistake of thinking you can hire a chain restaurant manager to implement systems for you. You think that their experience working for a chain will make them a perfect solution. It doesn’t mean they can’t be a great manager but running systems and implementing them are two very different skill sets.

The main reason this is a mistake is because the motivation to put in systems that increase accountability and reveal where they are falling short on the job isn’t something they want to put in place. Good systems reveal problems in your operations and it is human nature to want to hide your shortcomings.

In the long run have a proven system that everyone follows will make them more organized and a happier employee/manager in the long run. Great systems will make experienced employees even better.

When left to operate based on their own motivation they will fall short. The workshop will give you the framework to get your team on the same page with the same goals. From new to experienced you will get your managers operating flawless shifts and doing it intentionally profitable.

Ordinarily you could only participate in this workshop by getting on a plane and attending our training facility in Phoenix, AZ. That required flights, hotels, meals and the $1,500 cost for a seat in the room. For a short time we are making the recorded workshop available from the comfort of your own home or office. Including all of the manuals, workbooks and spreadsheets

Here to serve you well,

Fred Langley

CEO, Chef, Restaurateur

Restaurant Systems Pro


We are backing this workshop with a crazy guarantee so you can make a final decision that this Running a Restaurant From Soup to Nuts Training is as great as I promise.

You have 30 days to make a fully informed decision that these are for you. Whether it’s 29 minutes or 29 days from now, if you aren’t happy, I’m not happy!

We know we can make this offer because of the success we have had over our 17 years of running this seminar for thousands of restaurateurs.

Documenting the hundreds of tasks necessary to run a
shift is just about as hard as writing a novel. Get insights that increase profits to levels you previously thought were unattainable.

 If you have participated in the past or never got the chance to get on a plane and participate in person we are taking care of you.
We have been doing the Workshop for 17 plus years and have changed the lives of thousands of restaurateurs. Over those 17 years we have made it better and better with all we have learned in our extensive experience coaching restaurants. 
The Workshop has always been $1,500.00 plus hotels, plane rides and meals. Over the years we have made thousands of restaurateurs extremely happy with the content provided in our workshop. They have taken their restaurants to the next level and changed lives for themselves and their employees.
We recorded this final workshop so it can live on forever. The whole thing is on video! We are making this workshop available to you for $47

Here’s What You Get:

  • How to train and hire the most skilled staff
  • How to have a restaurant that is a sleek, lean, money-making machine.
  • How to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line month after month.
  • How to not spend 20 hours a day/100hrs a week working on your business.
  • The cheapest (and easiest) way to reduce costly staff turnover.
  • Two simple things you can do TODAY to boost your customer counts and sales.
  • Stop your bar staff from pouring away your profits.
  • Four steps to get every penny you deserve and stop leaving so much cash on the table
  • The profit-producing secrets that big chain restaurants and mega franchises have jealously guarded for years.
  • No more excess inventory, high staff turnover, or mysterious money holes in your bottom line.
  • Two tweaks to your day-to-day operations that could instantly add 5% or more to your bottom line.
  • The 5 Must-Have Success Markers
  • Find out if you have a “killer” menu, or if your menu is simply killing you.
  • Get off the financial roller coaster, forever and sleep better at night
  • The Deadly Quarter: 15 minutes that could put you out of business

Plus These Additional Resources:

  • “Super-secret” closed-door server training methods
  • Follow along work book with every slide and margins for taking notes
  • Labor allotment spreadsheet
  • Purchase allotment spreadsheet
  • Sales Forecast Wizard
  • Job Descriptions
  • And So Much More…

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