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How To Create Copy That Sells

The most important lesson I ever learned.

Hey there,

My name’s Will.
I’m one of the better direct response copywriters on the planet.
Over my career I’ve sold more than $800 million worth of stuff.

My promos often do $1,000,000 in revenue on their first day.

And can continue to do hundreds of thousands of dollars a day for months.

I also have the best marketing training on the internet.

It’s an 8 module course with over a dozen hours of content. When I run it live I charge $10,000 a person.

It’s called the Hunger Games. Because if you survive you walk out the other side a marketing god.

And today I’m going to give you the first lesson for free.

No catch. No gimmicks. All you have to do is keep reading this page.

The Secret to Million Dollar Copy

When I was in college, one of my good friends worked in a scuba diving shop.

I hung out there all the time while she was working.

New people would wander into the store.

Folks working on their first dive certification… Or just thinking about taking up scuba.

And they’d always end up at the display case where the store kept the dive knives.

To cut any loose ropes or fishing line that get wrapped around you. This happens a lot. Fishing trawlers have thrown thousands of tons of line overboard over the years. There’s heaps of it floating around out the ocean.

To give you something heavy to bang on your air tank. This makes a nice, loud noise. It’s useful when you need to get your dive buddy’s attention. Because shouting ,“hey Jim, look at this,” doesn’t work when you’re 60 feet below the surface.

But the truth is, knives really suck at the first job. And they kind of suck at the second.

They design modern rope and fishing line to withstand cutting at it with a knife.

It’s the same kind of damage you get if the line is rubbing against something sharp during heavy use.

90% of the time, you don’t want it to sever the rope. So, it’s made to hold up to that.

As for the second use… Knives are sharp.

Holding one by the blade and swinging it around behind your back…

That can end badly.

If you’re serious about SCUBA, you want a pair of diving shears.

They’re stainless steel scissors designed to cut through line like butter.

Plus, only the inside edge of the scissor blade sharpened.

So when you’re banging them on your air tank, you aren’t using a razor sharp sliver of metal as a handle.

My friend would explain this to everyone who walked up to the counter asked:

“What knife do you recommend for a new diver?”

The customer would nod… They’d say that makes sense… Then 97% of them would pick up the biggest knife they could fit in their hand.

They’d heft the knife.

Swing it around a little, trying to get a feel for its weight.

They’d nod to themselves.

And you could hear the internal dialogue they were nodding along to:

“Yeah… I could totally use this to kill a shark.”

Every last one of them bought the knife.

How to Guarantee A Sale EVERYTIME

Why’d they buy the knife?

Because lifetime of Jaws and shark week had given them a vivid collection of mental images for that one.

They knew exactly what being eaten by a shark would look like.

They didn’t need a practical tool for their first dive.

They needed to kill the shark.

The promised to do that.

They believed the knife.

If They Believe, They Buy

Copywriting is the scripted transfer of belief.

You promise the audience something they want.

At the start of the copy you believe the promise.

At the end of the copy they believe the promise.

Because if they believe they buy.

So What Do People Want?

This is the part that took me years to figure out.

And it’s one of the first things I teach every new copywriter:

There are only 4 things people want.

And each of these wants is a spring loaded button connected to your customer’s wallet.

Push one and the wallet pops open.

The first thing everyone wants is Safety. That’s why they all buy the knife. Some part of them believe it will make them safe.

If you want to know the other 3 I’ve got them lined up and waiting for you right now.

I just pulled 30 minutes of video from my last live cohort of the Hunger Games.

In it you’ll discover:

  • The only 4 things people buy
  • How to create a desire shaped hole in the universe
  • When to be specific and when to be vague in copy
  • The only 3 ways to fail as a marketer
  • Why money always works
  • Plus so much more…

And I want to give you access to it in the next five minutes… Plus give you everything else I teach in the Hunger Games over the next few weeks.

You see, I’m running a little experiment. So…

So I’m Going to Give You the Chance the Join the Hunger Games at With a $9,951 Discount

Why would I do that?

Hunger Games is, and always, was a recruiting tool for me.

The $10,000 price tag guaranteed that everyone in the room was serious about becoming world class marketers. Which kept me from wasting my time with tire kickers.

If I ran 6 people through it a year I’d end up hiring 2-3 personally and referring most of the others out to friends.

But the world has changed. And my business has changed.

ChatGTP and the other Large Language Models mean I don’t need 1-2 unstoppable marketing gods in my corner anymore.

I need dozens.

I don’t need people to write copy from scratch anymore. I need people who can take the 4 out of 10 copy an AI spits out and turn it into 9 out of 10 copy in a round of edits.

And I need them yesterday.

So I’m Throwing the Doors Wide Open

And Giving You The Chance of a Lifetime

Right now, I’m taking the lessons I used to deliver live and recording nice looking versions of them.

That’s probably going to take me 2 months. (It’s over 12 hours of recording and I have other things to do.)

When that’s done I’m going to put the Hunger Games for sale at a $97 retail price.

That’s cheap enough most people can buy it, but still enough that I can afford to run paid traffic to it and scale.

The goal is to turn as many people as possible into absolute killers.

Most will fail.

Hell, most will probably buy and never open the course.

So I want to put a lot of people through the program. Because I figure 1 or 2 in 1,000 will be worth a damn at the end.

The rest will just be flakes.

And that’s why we’re here today.

To see if there’s enough interest to make recording the full course worth my time.

Which is why I’m opening up sales before the course is live and giving you the chance to

Join the Hunger Games for Just $49

Here’s how it’s going to work:
You pay $49 today and I’ll send you your first lesson right away.

Like I said before, it’s a 30 minute recording from my last live cohort.

And that video alone is worth hundreds. Any other program on the internet would sell it for $350-$500 by itself.

You get it for less than $50.

PLUS you get the rest of the Hunger Games when it goes live without paying another cent.

There’s only one catch.

This only makes sense for me if there is a ton of interest.

So I’m only going to release the full course once we get to 1,000 presales.

But don’t worry. No matter what happens you’re going to get value. Because this presale is covered by my

10X Your Money Guarantee

As soon as you put down your deposit you get access to the first module.

The recording quality is only so-so because it’s the recording of a zoom call.

But the content is absolute fire.

And you don’t have to take my word for it.

You have until the course goes live to watch the video and decide whether or not I’m full of crap.

if you decide that one video alone isn’t worth 10X what you paid… No sweat.

Drop me an email. I’ll refund your deposit, cancel your Hunger Games reservation and we part ways friends.

But I know that’s not going to happen. I’ve watched people take these lessons and change their lives.

Go on Twitter. Ask @robwritescopy or Brogilvy or @jakevictor_ if you should join.

And when you’re done wasting time come back here and change your life.

I’ll see you when you’re ready.


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Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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