Robert Allen – Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle


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A new challenge, showing you:How to land high-paying clientsWrite converting copyAnd make a living writing online In just 30 days.

Robert Allen – Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle

  • 01-30 Days to $9K

    • 01-Challenge Prep

      • 01-Note.pdf
      • 01-Welcome to the 30 Days to $9k Challenge!.mp4
      • 02-The Mindset of Successful Freelancers.mp4
      • 03-[Productivity secrets] How to plan your day for maximum leverage.mp4
      • 04-Goal setting.mp4
      • 05-Your copywriting crash course.mp4
      • 06-How You’ll Get Clients (An Overview).mp4
      • 07-Resources.pdf
      • 07-The tools you’ll need as a freelance copywriter.mp4
      • 08-4 Myths That Ruin Would-Be Freelancers.pdf
    • 02-Days 1-10

      • 01-The #1 secret to freelance success.mp4
      • 02-How to find the perfect clients.mp4
      • 02-Resources.pdf
      • 03-[Cheat sheet] 104 leads for your freelance business.xlsx
      • 04-9 Most Profitable Niches for Your Business.mp4
      • 05-Cold Outreach Training.mp4
      • 05-Resource.pdf
      • 06-Sample Slide Deck.pptx
      • 06-The Magic Email For Booking Calls.mp4
      • 07-What To Look For In A Site Audit.mp4
      • 08-[SCRIPT] 4-part copy-paste script.pdf
      • 09-Tapping into your warm market for leads.mp4
      • 10-The 50 Message Secret to Your First Client.mp4
      • 11-The perfect foot-in-the-door offer .mp4
      • 12-Use This Script To Get Clients On FB Fast.mp4
      • 13-[EXAMPLE EMAIL] – How to follow up with clients AFTER your call.png
      • 14-Example Proposal to Send AFTER Your Sales Call (Page 1).png
      • 15-Example Proposal to Send AFTER Your Sales Call (Page 2).png
      • 16-Sales Training.mp4
    • 03-Days 11-25

      • 01-The Credential-Less Freelancer.mp4
      • 02-Why you don’t need perfect copy.mp4
      • 03-3 high-converting email series.mp4
      • 04-The $192,000+ Welcome Series You Can Model.pdf
      • 05-The 10-Part Cart Abandon Sequence.pdf
      • 06-Advanced Email Tips.mp4
      • 07-Even more advanced email tips.pdf
      • 08-Cross sell emails – The hidden secret to profits.mp4
      • 09-2x The Value of Customers with This Cross-Sell Sequence.pdf
      • 10-LIVE EMAIL TRAINING.mp4
    • 04-Days 26-30

      • 01-Why You Should Always Beat Deadlines.mp4
      • 02-The art & science of a handover call.mp4
      • 03-Deliverables Example – How To Send Your Work To Clients.png
      • 04-Turning 1 project into 2.mp4
      • 05-Other high paying services you can offer.mp4
    • 05-Day 31 and beyond

      • 01-Resource.pdf
      • 01-Setting up your website.mp4
      • 02-How To Flood Clients with 1 Guest Post.mp4
      • 02-Resource.pdf
      • 03-Retainer vs Projects.mp4
      • 04-Invoicing Secrets.mp4
      • 05-4 additional income streams.mp4
    • 06-Q&A Calls

      • 01-11.29 (Black Friday Madness).mp4
      • 02-12.6 (What if my client doesn’t do email).mp4
      • 03-12.11 (Video teardown and more).mp4
      • 04-3.19 (Covid, Following up, Landing page secrets).mp4
      • 05-3.27 (Handling Feedback, Secret Client Finding Tips, etc).mp4
      • 06-4.10 (Targeting Coaches, Website Audit & How To Do Research).mp4
      • 07-The Magic Art of Following Up.mp4
      • 08-How To Instantly Improve Your Copy With CUB Reviews.mp4
      • 09-How to find anyone’s email address, audit tricks & more.mp4
    • 07-BONUS

      • 01-5 ways to get clients FAST.mp4
      • 02-Behind-The-Scenes of A $46,800 Workshop.mp4
  • 02-Top Secret Document

    • 01-A top secret 346-page document with all the copywriting leads you need.pdf
  • 03-Magnetic Upwork Scripts

    • 01-Walkthrough On The Psychology Behind The Scripts.mp4
    • 02-30 Day Challenge.mkv
    • 03-Magnetic Upwork Scripts.pdf
    • 04-How To Land Your First Email Marketing Client (Be SPECIFIC!).mp4
    • 05-Get Your Client On The Hook By Asking For The Audit! .mp4
  • 04-Special Report

    • 01-30 powerful freelance secrets.pdf
  • 05-The Freelance Copywriting Summit

    • 01-Day 1

      • 01-Summit Keynote and Kickoff.mp4
      • 02-The Flaming Camel ‘Lite’.mp4
      • 03-Get 3-5 High Paying Copywriting Clients Over The Next 30 Days.mp4
      • 04-How To Build A Lucrative Email Marketing Agency.mp4
      • 05-New Service Alert.mp4
      • 06-Creating Your Own Escape Hatch.mp4
      • 07-How To Get Your Brand Featured.mp4
      • 08-How to Charge More (And on Retainer).mp4
      • 09-A Simplified Version of my $1,500 ‘Market Detective’ Research Framework.mp4
      • 10-7 Ways To Nuke Boring Emails With Personality & Humour.mp4
    • 02-Day 2

      • 01-Creating Truly Passive Income with Royalty Deals.mp4
      • 02-Your 2021 Email Bible.mp4
      • 03-Become a High-Paid, In-Demand Email Copywriter.mp4
      • 04-Remove Your Block.mp4
      • 05-How to Get More Clients Than You Need.mp4
      • 06-How to Charge $300-$500 For Ecommerce Emails.mp4
      • 07-How To Create Your Own Personal Monopoly.mp4
      • 08-The Advertising Loophole.mp4
      • 09-Building a $1M Marketing Agency.mp4
      • 10-How To Make A Full-Time Income.mp4
      • 11-How I win Upwork clients at $999 an hr.mp4
      • 12-The Secret To Elevating Your Brand Through Publishing.mp4
    • 03-Bonuses

      • 01-108 Pages of Freelance Copywriting Leads & Opportunities.pdf
      • 02-8 Rules For Doing Cold Email Right.pdf

Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle
$350 $250

30 Days to $9K
A new challenge, showing you:How to land high-paying clientsWrite converting copyAnd make a living writing online In just 30 days.

A “top secret” 346-page document with all the copywriting leads you could ever need

Magnetic Upwork Scripts
– 3 battle-tested Upwork client-getting scripts – A video walkthrough of why the scripts work and how to adapt them to gigs you want to apply for – PLUS, unlimited proposal reviews for two weeks

Special Report: 30 powerful secrets for growing your freelance business, increasing your rates, campaign ideas and more

The Freelance Copywriting Summit
Join 20+ World-Class Copywriters, Marketers, Agency Owners, and Email Experts As They Share Their Best Kept Secrets For… Attracting Quality Clients Delivering High-Value Services Writing Control-Shattering Copy Commanding Top Fees And More…TO GET ACCESS CLICK THE PURPLE BUTTON BELOW:

Robert Allen – Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle
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