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The Secrets of Transformational Breakthrough and Optimal Health and Vitality Reside in Mastering Healing the Human Hologram.

You are someone who knows they are here for a greater purpose and are here to serve the great awakening happening right now on the planet through assisting people through healing and transformation. You can feel this longing burning inside you, and it cannot be kept quiet any longer.

The issue you may have is that the energy healing sessions are too general and are dealing with the bio-energy field as a whole rather than addressing the specific layers that make it up. And are using general energy redirections rather than specific energetic surgeries that hold a very specific purpose. Or perhaps you are newer to this field and are not sure how to assess, track, or move energy in general in the first place.

Whether you are new or have years of experience, the secret to getting more profound results as a coach, consultant, or healer is by being able to perform precise energetic surgeries on the human hologram.

When you know how to precisely deal with some of the core issues people have in their energy fields, you can begin to evolve people rather quickly. You can do through to their highest alignments and assist people with health challenges by addressing the issue at the frequency level and vibration.


Many people in the world desire change. But they are stuck intellectualising and are not embodying; because their energetic matrix is stuck in a recurring patterning or functioning.

Their deeply entrenched beliefs, thought patterns, and processes had established a particular energetic flow that creates their reality. They get stuck on the surface layer of intellect and emotions, never going deeper to the core shadow issue holding back their evolution.

The world needs more skilled healing practitioners who can interrupt the energetic circuitry and chakra psychology to create a different frequency and flow that enters the physiology. Thus, being able to shift lifelong patterns that were established in childhood.


More than ever, the world needs more highly skilled, energetic practitioners who can support people through this tremendous global transformation we are all evolving through.

The forced awareness of the rising frequencies brings deeply buried memories and long-held wounds and conditioning to the surface. People do not know how to handle these or where to turn. The issue is there are simply not enough energetically intelligent and skilled practitioners to meet the growing need for stabilisation and evolutionary spiritual growth.

Humanity is moving through a healing crisis, and the world needs all those beings with pre-birth Soul Agreements to enter the Healing Arts and step into their full potential.

Deep down, you know whether or not this is you.

To fulfil your pre-birth Soul Agreements, you need to go on two journeys…


Your external builds the physical skills sets, and develops the plans and tactics to build your Healership. These are your dreams and Soul longing that you feel residing in your High Heart, however humble or grand this looks for you.

While the internal journey is turning yourself into the person that can embody and live this reality. It means moving through your human and egoic conditioning of moving through entrenched beliefs, ancestral patterns, karmic relationships, and distorted and dysfunctional energetic flow.

Right now, you may find yourself at the threshold of moving between your current reality and your desired reality. And what you need is a vehicle that addresses both your required external AND internal journeys.


The Remote Healing Mastery Certification is our fast start for anyone who wishes to expand their energetic intelligence and develop more precise energetic tools. The skills learned in this training can be quickly deployed to generate rapid responses that people can feel and directly know have shifted them.

This training attracts all walks of life, from brand new healers to experienced healers with years of experience in reiki and other general healing methodologies. It is for those already working with clients in a psycho-therapy, coaching, consulting, body therapy or medical setting — wishing to expand their skill set in the energetic realms.

It is designed to support you with the know-how on how to run energetic diagnostics and bridge the gap between people’s current reality and their desired situation by shifting their energetic state of being. You will learn to transform people quickly and effectively such that people wish to continue working with you as they feel their life-changing.

It moves you through the process of actually working on real people with real issues and helps you begin to comprehend some of the psychodynamic issues playing out in their reality so that you can support them through their processes.

It is the perfect starting point to join the Neo-Shamanic Society culture and container of becoming a Transformationalist and begin building your Healership.


Self-study online membership platform with 6 in-depth modules starting from the absolute basics of energy healing, setting up a healing session, and how to treat some of the most common energetic issues playing out in people’s holograms.



  • Introduction to the nature of the Matrix and bio-energy field
  • Embodying Core Energetic Skills
  • Receive the Neo-Shamanic Healing Code Amplifier
  • Learn how to perform energetic chakra assessments
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Learn how to perform the Opening Healing Protocol
  • Learn how to clear toxic miasmic build-up from various levels of the auric field
  • How to perform both an in person and remote healing session
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Understanding Energetic Stress Webs and why they occur
  • Learn how to heal Energetic Stress Webs
  • Accessing and encoding the Command Center – Pineal and Pituitary
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Learn why distortions occur and how this affects the human bio-energy field
  • Dive deep into the psychology behind each chakra
  • Learn the energy healing technique of opening and restructuring the chakras
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Learn about blocked organs and how this can occur energetically
  • Learn the organ restructure healing protocol
  • Introduction to the emotions associated with each organ
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Introduction to meridians and how they relate to the energetic picture
  • Learn how to clear blocked meridians
  • Learn how to clear DNA mutations and viral attacks
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay


  • Provide massive leaps in your consciousness
  • Give you large upgrades in your energetic intelligence
  • Create more depth and precision of energetic skills sets
  • Bestow more responsibility in your community
  • Positioning as a solution hub for Covid related issues
  • Help you achieve deeper results with clients
  • Create demand for your skills as a healer
  • Improve your communication skills regarding energy, and frequency
  • Provide a clear onboarding structure to convert more clients to packages
  • Help accelerate the growth of your practice


  • You are not prepared to take radical self-responsibility for your life
  • You are not prepared to do any practice healing for others
  • You’re not ready to let go of comfortable patterns that keep you stuck
  • You are a procrastinator who likes daydreaming and intellectualising
  • You are not prepared to share with others how you can help them accelerate the growth of your practice


  • You ARE prepared to take radical self-responsibility for your life
  • You have a longing to help and assist others transform and grow
  • You are prepared to step out of your comfort zone
  • You wish to be able to provide COVID healing solutions for people
  • That working with energy sings to your Soul


Christof Melchizedek delivers insights that inspire purpose and possibility.

Christof is an entrepreneur, speaker, shamanic facilitator, and highly sought-after leadership coach. He is also a dad, a husband and a man who believes that creating a conscious community of change starts in our hearts and homes.

Christof has spent 25 years working with fortune 500 executives, pro-athletes, entrepreneurs, and experts in health, performance, the healing arts, psychology, and leadership. Coined a spiritual futurist, Christof has a natural gift for translating ancient spiritual teachings into new and practical ways the western mind can apply.

His teachings combine a beautiful blend of arts and science. He has spent his entire life studying formally with degrees in psychology, physical education, and energy medicine with Brennan Healing Science and informally learning from some of the brightest minds in shamanism with lineages of Africa and the Amazon for seven years.

It has been this experience that led him to start the Neo-Shamanic Society. A school that develops incredible Neo-Shamanic facilitators that evolve our people and our planet. These highly skilled practitioners are changing how healers are showing up in the world by developing their HEALERSHIP.

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