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The PACE Program

Learn how you can build a business that can effectively and efficiently grow without you just by implementing the PACE system. In this 3-day program, you will understand and learn the applied tools, strategies, and systems that have given results to over 10000+ entrepreneurs already. This is truly the world’s simplest and most effective system to manage your business.

At PACE, You Will Learn To

Optimize the performance of your Business

  • How to set & achieve goals in your Business
  • Understand how to identify the root cause of all your business problems
  • The 5 Key Steps to Accelerating your Business Growth

Challenge The CHANGE

  • We take you through a series of activities that allow you to identify, adapt & act to change & accelerate your growth
  • You’ll learn to challenge & bring effective change.
Implement The 5-Step ACTION Focus
  • You will go through Breakthrough Exercises that will show you how to bridge the gap between your business potential and its performance.
  • ​You will receive actionable steps within the training that are proven systems to create a plan to help accelerate your business performance

Rajiv Talreja – The PACE Program

Team Aspiration Creation

  • Feeling Template.jpg
  • Preparation for Team Aspiration.docx
  • Team Aspiration Creation.mp4
  • Template – Team Personal Aspiration Goal Creation.docx

Business Aspiration Creation

  • 2.1 Business Aspiration – Solopreneur Sample.docx
  • 2.2 Business Aspiration – Micropreneur Sample.docx
  • 2.3 Business Aspiration – Medium Enterprise Sample .docx
  • 2. Business Aspiration Creation Template.doc
  • Business Aspiration Creation.mp4
  • Preparation for Business Aspiration.docx

Business Model Creation Step 1

  • Business Model – Target Customer NDP.docx
  • Business Model Creation Step 1.mp4
  • Business Model Creation Step 1.pages
  • NDP Sample – B2B.pdf
  • NDP Sample – B2C.pdf
  • Preparation For Business Model Creation Step 1.docx

Business Model Creation Steps 2 & 3

  • Business Model Analysis – Template.docx
  • Business Model Creation Steps 2 & 3.mp4
  • Business Model Creation Steps 2 & 3.pages
  • Customer Product Matrix – B2B Sample.pdf
  • Customer Product Matrix – B2C Sample (1).pdf
  • Customer Product Matrix – B2Ch Sample.pdf
  • Customer Product Matrix – Template.docx
  • Preparation for Customer Product Matrix.docx

5 Magic Number

  • Instructions.pages
  • Magic Number – Sample B2B.pdf
  • Magic Number – Sample B2C.pdf
  • Magic Number – Sample B2Ch.pdf
  • Magic Number.mp4
  • Preparation for Magic Number.docx
  • Template – Magic Number (3).docx

Problem Listing

  • Preparation For Problem Listing.docx
  • Problem Listing – Micro Enterprise Sample.pdf
  • Problem Listing – SME Sample .pdf
  • Problem Listing – Solopreneur Sample.pdf
  • Problem Listing Template.docx
  • problem listing.mp4

Role Clarity

  • 5. Role Clarity Template.docx
  • 7. Sample Role Document – Tele Marketing Executive.docx
  • Preparation For Role Clarity.docx
  • Role Clarity.mp4

Competency Development Plan

  • 6. Competence Clarity Template.docx
  • 11. Competence Development Plan template.docx
  • Competence Development Plan.mp4
  • Preparation for Competence Development Plan.docx

Culture Plan

  • Culture Plan.mp4
  • Team Performance Pyramid Assessment.xlsx
  • Culture charter sample.docx
  • Preparation for Culture Enhancement Plan.docx
  • Team Performance Pyramid.png

Target Achievement Plan

  • 12. Target Achievement Action Plan Sequence Template.docx
  • Preparation of Target Achievement Plan.docx
  • Target Achievement Plan.mp4

Achievement Phase Strategic Meeting

  • STOP System – Strategic Template .xlsx
  • Achievement Phase Strategic Meeting.mp4
  • Preparation Of – Strategic Meeting.docx

Achievement Phase Tactical Meeting

  • 15. STOP System – Operational Template.xlsx
  • Operational Meeting.mp4
  • Preparation of Operations Meeting.docx

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