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The Achilles Method – Holistic Mastery of the Body and Mind

The Achilles Method is a program that prioritizes complete physical mastery, vitalized health, and spiritual power.

Build the physique of a bodybuilder with the speed and agility of an athlete, rep 225, run a blistering 100 meter time, achieve a fast mile time, dunk a basketball, destroy every opponent in the ring, all while being the most fluid and aesthetic man in every room.

It is deeper than simply putting on mass or looking good in a mirror, it is about the complete cultivation and alignment of a powerful body, mind, and aura and the endless pursuit of greatness.

What you should expect from this method:

  • Build a powerful physique
  • Greater athleticism: speed, vertical (34+ inch), agility, mobility, durability, immunity to injury
  • Melt fat and achieve abs year round
  • Skyrocket testosterone
  • Increase energy, vitality, and life force
  • Herculean strength gains and overcome plateaus
  • Cure all mental illness
  • Reverse or stunt hair loss, improve hair growth
  • Boost libido
  • Harness the power of your mind
  • Overcome addiction and temptation
  • Improve sleep
  • Heal gut
  • Radiant skin
  • Cultivate momentum
  • Increased confidence and mental resilience
  • Hit new PRs in record time
  • Light a fiery motivation in your heart that will never extinguish
  • Fulfill your mental and physical potential

Inside you will find:

My Exact Hybrid Athlete Program

My carefully crafted workout routine that includes weight lifting, sprinting, and endurance training to turn you into your most powerful form

Alternative Bodybuilding Routine

For those just looking to pump iron and put on mass

Physique Philosophy

A decade of experience covering both the physical and mental keys required to build your greatest possible physique. Skip the confusion and mistakes 99% of lifters and athletes make when they begin training and immediately possess expert level knowledge

Increasing Athleticism 

A step by step guide to increasing speed, vertical, agility, endurance, mobility, as well as bulletproofing the knees, ankles, tendons, and ligaments

Diet/Nutrition + Fat loss

Everything you will ever need to know about nutrition. The exact foods to eat and avoid and the reasoning behind it & the 3 staples to staying shredded year round and melting fat with ease

Holistic Methods of Eating 

Holistic bulking/cutting/maintenance protocol without tracking calories + day of eating and meal examples

Testosterone Radiance 

Step by step guide to skyrocketing your testosterone to levels you never thought possible (1000+ ng/dl)

The Path to Parabolic Energy

A guide to achieving a level of vitality that the world has not seen in the modern era

Sleep & Recovery Protocol 

The necessary information to achieve 8 hours of deep restorative sleep every single night for maximum gains, recovery, and energy

Gut Health

A breakdown of what is good and bad for your gut (the second brain) and how to heal gut issues

Skin Health 

How to achieve radiant skin and cure breakouts

Hair Health 

A guide to flowmaxxing like Achilles himself, improving hair growth and reversing or stunting hair loss

Power and Transcendence

A guide to understanding the power you possess and transcending all limits placed upon you by yourself, others, or the world itself. My entire ethos inciting pure vitality and thumos

Spiritual Warfare (curing mental illness)

How to bulletproof your mind and cure anxiety and depression, as well as becoming a force in the fight of good vs evil

Revival of the Renaissance Man

Bringing back the art of greatness

Access to me directly for any questions regarding the Achilles Method Program

My DMs are open 24/7 on twitter or instagram for any questions you may have

The everlasting journey of fulfilling your potential begins now. See you soon.

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