NEW Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Course 2.0


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The Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0 Course

WEEK 1: Building A Bedrock Foundation

  • Setting In Place Your Facebook Business Settings
  • Completing Your Website Security & Trust (How To Not Get Banned)
  • The Absolute Most Efficient & Optimal Campaign/Audience Strategy
  • Intro To A Generalized Baseline Retargeting Layout
  • Creating Your Tailored (For Your Business) Peak Efficiency Retargeting Strategies
  • Learn To Create Ultra High Performing Lookalikes Audiences That Scale
  • High-Q Optimizing Your Pixel & Setting In Place Advanced Match Tracking

WEEK 2: Molding “The Winning AD”

  • How To Research (And Legally Copy) The Best Ad Creatives Known To Humans
  • The Exact Individual Key Point Breakdowns To A Peak Performing Ad Creative
  • An Overarching Website Analysis To Drive Wicked Conversions Rates
  • Commanding Ad Philosophy To Grab Attention – Hook Your Audience – And Skyrocket 🚀 Your Conversion Rate

WEEK 3: Constructing A Data-Driven Mindset

  • How To Operate Your Brain Under A Fully Structured Data-Driven Mindset
  • Learn To Make Decisions By Looking At Data And Not Relying On Feelings
  • Reduce Your Overall Work Load While Also Scaling Your Outcomes Exponentially
  • Turn Your Decisions Into Data Points That Give You Perfectly Accurate Answers

WEEK 4: A – Z Scaling Tactics

  • Scaling From $40 to $5,000 Ad Spend Per Day
  • Automating Your Advertising/Marketing Systems With Rules
  • Rapid Scaling Methods

WEEK 5: Untapped Creative Strategies

  • Tactics To Perfect Your Ad Creative
  • Become Matched In Creative To World Class Brands
  • Make Your Brand Stand Out And Be Perceived At 10X The Value

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