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The Immunity Blueprint. Discover How The Immunity Blueprint Gives You Lifelong Protection From Illness, Accelerates Healing & Recovery, Extends Your Lifespan, And Turns Back The Clock On Premature Ageing – All In Just A Few Short Weeks.

Recently, has it seemed like your health is out of your hands?

If so, you should know that it is not.

That right now, your immune system deserves your fullest attention.

Especially because this incredible mechanism in your body doesn’t just protect you from illness: it also heals you faster when you do get sick. And even helps you look, feel, and perform at your best at any age.

Yet so many aspects of modern life – from our diet, to our work culture, to the advice we’re given in the media and in clinics – often work in unison to sicken and weaken us.

This is why most people think falling sick at least once every few months is “normal”.

Why many of us unknowingly fall into habits and practices that silently weaken our immunity.

And also why many medical professionals focus more on cures and treatment, rather than preventing avoidable illnesses before they can manifest.

The Immunity Blueprint is the remedy to this challenge; at a time when a stronger immune system has become more important than ever.

Designed by wellness visionary and WILDFIT creator Eric Edmeades, this system harnesses today’s best knowledge in biology, nutrition, exercise, and more to dramatically and permanently strengthen your immune system in just 29 days:

All through accessible daily habits and lifestyle shifts you can apply in as little as a few minutes a day, with minimal expense or hassle.

29 Days To A Lifetime Of Stronger Immunity

The Immunity Blueprint is a highly optimized system designed to create incremental, sustainable change in your daily habits and patterns that impact your immunity.

As you move through the 29-day program, you’ll discover easy shifts to your diet, breathing, sleep and movement patterns, and even your emotions that rapidly compound into a life-changing (and permanent) transformation of your two categories of immunity:

Innate immunity: your body’s automatic physical, cellular, and chemical defense systems against viruses, bacteria, and disease triggers.

Acquired immunity: your body’s ability to fight pathogens through exposure and adaption to them.

The Immunity Blueprint is like having a world-class medical expert, guiding you every day towards the precise tools, choices, and behavioral changes you need to boost your immunity and health.

Within weeks, you’ll notice yourself falling sick far less often. Healing and recovering in a fraction of the time. Sleeping better. And looking and feeling better than ever.

And the high-immunity lifestyle that rewards you with all these outcomes will have become second nature – without any of the difficulty or willpower struggles you’ll often encounter in other health transformation protocols.

Total Health Transformation, Minus The Struggle

Most health transformation protocols today come with one major flaw: they’re not designed with natural human behavior in mind. Meaning they’re frustratingly hard to commit to, and don’t create the long-term behavioral changes you need for a lasting improvement in your wellbeing.

(You may have noticed this in yourself or people around you who try diets and fitness/wellness programs – only to be back at square one after a few weeks or months.)

The Immunity Blueprint solves this flaw through an approach Eric Edmeades calls Behavioral Change Dynamics (BCD). By combining best practices in fields like psychology, hypnosis, evolutionary psychology, and transformative language patterns, BCD guides you through a struggle-free process of sustainable change that sticks – both consciously and subconsciously.

The average program only sees completion rates in the single digits. But through BCD, over 80% of people who use Eric’s protocols end up completing and transforming through them. The chances are extraordinarily high that you will too.

Meet Your Trainer About Eric Edmeades, Creator Of The Immunity Blueprint

Eric Edmeades is an award-winning international speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of evolutionary biology, nutritional anthropology, and behavioral change dynamics.

Eric guides people towards profound and lasting health breakthroughs through science-based protocols that deliver results far beyond the ordinary: a gift he has been widely recognized for.

For example, in 2018 he was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate for his work in improving the quality of people’s lives.

In 2017, Eric’s WILDFIT methodology was exclusively licensed to Mindvalley due to the dramatic effect it had on the health of over 100 Mindvalley team members (WILDFIT is now one of Mindvalley’s bestselling wellness programs).

His achievements have also earned him an award from the Transformational Leadership Council: a panel of 150 of America’s top visionaries in health, wellness, and peak performance.

In short, Eric transforms people – and The Immunity Blueprint is the next quantum leap in his mission.

By applying and expanding his body of research towards enhancing human immunity, Eric now presents a solution for anyone at any age to adopt a high-immunity lifestyle through accessible habit and behavioral shifts that result in a lifetime of better health, healing, and performance.

What You’ll Gain With The Immunity Blueprint

A Stronger Immune System:

Through a consistent and sustainable behavioral change protocol, Eric will rewire you with a high-immunity lifestyle that lasts a lifetime and shields you from frequently falling sick.

Improved Overall Health:

The lifestyle shifts you make will not only strengthen your immune system – but also upgrade your overall health, vitality, and energy levels. You’ll also likely notice an improvement in the symptoms of certain health conditions you may have.

Faster Recovery:

From work and exercise fatigue to general tiredness – you’ll find yourself recovering and returning to peak condition far more quickly thanks to your high-immunity lifestyle.

Faster Healing From Illness:

Having a strong immune system doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick – but you will notice yourself falling sick far less often, experiencing less severe symptoms, and healing faster when you do.

Peace Of Mind:

Even when others are falling sick around you, or when there’s a bug or virus going around, you’ll have far more confidence to live your life with minimal fear or anxiety.

Improved Sleep Quality:

The lifestyle and habit changes you make will also greatly impact your quality of sleep. You’ll enjoy deeper, more restful, more uninterrupted sleep every night – and may even experience relief from certain sleep disorders.

Extend Your Lifespan:

Your strengthened immune system will not only help shield you from many life-threatening illnesses – but also lead you to better overall health and quality of life, which can result in years added to your life.

Feel & Look Younger:

Stronger immunity will also help turn back the clock on premature aging. You’ll likely see noticeable changes in your skin, hair, flexibility, and energy and motivation to live to the fullest – no matter your current age.

The Curriculum Explore The Immunity Blueprint Curriculum

The Immunity Blueprint is a 29-day high-immunity lifestyle protocol that rewards you with greater protection from illness, accelerated healing, and permanently improved health and wellbeing.

You’ll join Eric Edmeades for just 20 minutes a day in easy-to-follow video lessons that empower you with simple practices and tools you need to gain and sustain a strengthened immune system through optimal nutrition, movement, sleep, breath work, and more.

By the end of your journey, you’ll walk away with an effortless daily routine of immunity-boosting habits that fit seamlessly into your normal life – and stick with you for a lifetime.

PART 1 Week 1: The Silent Enemies Of Immunity (Day 1 – 8)

Your journey begins with a closer look at the suppressors and triggers that quietly attack your immune system daily. As you’ll discover, these are often “innocent” habits and choices – some of which you may even have been wrongfully told are good for you.

Highlights include:

  • Is your breathing weakening you? Discover how the way you breathe could be suppressing your immune system – and the simple shifts you can make to instead get stronger with each breath.
  • The common food ingredient that destroys immunity: You’ll find this everywhere (including in the most unexpected places) – and cutting it out will do you a world of good.
  • Declawing the stress monster: Stress is sometimes unavoidable, but its effects – and its terrible impact on the immune system – can be reduced with these stress-free lifestyle hacks.
  • Escaping toxic environments: Learn when and how your surroundings can weaken your immunity, and how to shield yourself – without quitting your job or moving to another city.
  • And so much more…

PART 2 Week 2: Strengthening Immunity With Water, Sun & Sleep (Day 9 – 15)

The world around you – including your dream world – are invaluable assets in your quest for stronger immunity. During this week, you’ll explore how to harness water, sunlight, and your nightly sleep patterns to keep your immunity in peak state.

Highlights include:

  • Why “drink plenty of water” is not enough: There are highly specific, scientifically proven ways to consume water to keep yourself well hydrated and protected – and once you know what they are, they’re easy.
  • Creating your Ultimate Sleep Routine: Optimal sleep quality and quantity lead to optimal immunity. Discover simple adjustments to your daily sleep routine and environment that overcome whatever’s holding you back from a good night’s rest.
  • Soaking up the sun the right way: Harnessing sunlight for immunity isn’t about sunbathing or skipping the sunscreen. Instead, follow these science-based steps to light up your immune system with the power of the sun.
  • And so much more…

Part 3 Week 3: Strengthening Immunity Through Movement & Connection (Day 16 – 22)

In your third week, you’ll focus on two more ways to upgrade your immunity. The first is physical movement – which encompasses your fitness, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. The second is the less expected factor of your connections and relationships with others.

Highlights include:

  • No, you don’t need to become a fitness enthusiast: Instead, use these basic, fast, and simple exercises to level up your fitness markers and your immunity (many are so easy, you can do them at your work space or during your lunch break).
  • The relationship between relationships and immunity: Discover how quality relationships can impact your immunity – and the unexpected ways you can harness social dynamics and even social media to upgrade your immune system.
  • Are you a loner or introvert? Here’s how you don’t need to go against your nature to enjoy the immunity-boosting benefits of human connection.
  • And so much more…

PART 4 Week 4: Strengthening Immunity Through Nutrition (Day 23 – 29)

Your final week takes you into one of the single most important building blocks for a strong immune system: the food you eat. As you’ll discover, all it takes is a few practical shifts – without having to count calories, obsess over ingredients, or miss out on social occasions.

Highlights include:

  • The food industry’s war against immunity: Often, what you’re told is healthy isn’t, and what you’re told isn’t, is. Discover the truth about nutrition for immunity, and never again fall for a profit-driven lie.
  • What to eat for immunity, and where to find it: Use this guide to stock up on practical and affordable immunity-boosting food. You’ll find almost everything on your local supermarket shelf.
  • It’s not about willpower: Avoiding unhealthy food can be hard – but what if you could simply stop craving it? Join Eric as he reveals how to permanently change your relationship with food, minus the struggle.
  • And so much more…

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