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Download ALL of My Templates, Trainings and SWipe Files!

A High Converting Template for the Opt-In Page

This is the same template I’ve utilized to design opt-in websites that convert at 60% or higher.

You’ll get a full knowledge of the seven essential elements of an effective Opt-In page, and you’ll also learn

guidelines and strategies to aid you with each step.

Just fill in empty spaces and see your email list grow!

This is the Million Dollar One-Time-Offer Template

The addition of a one-time offer (OTO) immediately following my opt-in webpage totally transformed the way I

run my company.

This page is a simple way to pay off my student loan debt and helped me purchase my dream home…

I’ll show you how you can create the OTO page with my tried and tested templates, so you can create this page

in just a few hours.

A One-Click Template for Upselling

If you’re not offering an upsell after the customer has placed an order you’re not making money!

Learn to write a high-converting script for a video sales letter to your upsell page within 30 to 30 minutes!

There’s also an text-based model of this template, if you’d rather type it out!

The Email Autoresponder Template

You’ll receive seven “fill in the blank” email templates which I’ve been continuously working on over the past

six year…

This will allow you to cut down on hours of researching and testing.

Take the guesswork out of it and swiftly and easily design your email follow-up sequence in just 30 minutes.

150 Subject Lines That Earn the Click

My personal swipe files of 152 tested email subject lines can aid you in improve your profits through greater

rate of open.

This collection contains my top performing subject lines over the last four year of tests!

Learn how to be confidently create subject lines that will convince your readers to read, click and act

upon the contents of your emails.

A Formal Sales Letter Template

Increase your conversion rate to customers and improve your cashflow speed by using my tested

template that has made me millions through autopilot!

This workshop will provide you with all the resources you require to create an effective sales letter that attracts

attention, creates confidence and boosts the rate of conversion.

Create sales letters that will earn you an income for many years!

This is the Facebook Advertisements Swipe File

This complete swipe file of more than 101 proven Facebook advertisements will eliminate the guesswork when

you are trying to create profitable ads for Facebook.

Discover the winning formulas for ads as well as patterns that increase sales, while avoiding the years

trying and failing as well as thousands of dollars wasted advertising.

Banproof Advertising Blueprints and Templates

My team looked over 1,000 Facebook ads and developed an seven-template system that lets create ads

faster and more confidently and generate more customers and leads.

This package includes over two hours of video videos dissecting several of the top effective advertisements on

Facebook Plus a companion PDF!

Social Ad Class Social Ad Class

My plug-and-play Facebook ads blueprint that produced 15x more customers who are qualified while

decreasing costs by 70 percent.

This seven-hour session will assist you in setting up your advertising account, develop kick-ass videos content

and create an ever-growing crowd for your promotions.

The Outsourcing and Hiring Crash Course

Learn all the tricks to find the most value on ROCKSTAR coders, designers writers, virtual assistants and coders who

can assist you to boost your earnings more quickly than doing everything yourself.

My job listing templates, my exact process and the exact websites where I find talent… Plus some outsourcing

tips I’ve never previously shared.

These products will assist you:

Create the ATM sales funnel, based on my tested sales funnel templates that have earned me millions.


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