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Learn to Trade Stocks, Futures, & Forex with 4 months of Access

Here is what’s included in our Learn to Trade Course

Trading Template eBook

  • Mike’s personal method for trading Stocks, Futures, and Forex

Main Course

  • Lesson One: Psychological Realignment (36:44)
  • Lesson Two: Ah, the light comes on! (59:45)
  • Lesson Three: Time to change my position (64:09)
  • Lesson Four: Review (21:00)

Part 2: Diving in Deeper

  • Short Selling (7:25)
  • Advancers & Decliners (4:35)
  • Stop-Loss (Audio)
  • It’s Wrong Unless Proven Correct (Audio)
  • Bad Trade Example (7:56)
  • Daily Trading (16:28)
  • Losing Correctly (52:17)
  • Non Producer Example (4:50)
  • Small Little Losers (14:11)
  • Master the LOC’s First (25:05)
  • Take Your Eye Off Making Money (14:20)
  • Wiggle Room (11:52)
  • Free Place to Practice LOC’s (62:29)
  • Where to practicing? (6:32)
  • Practice with Trade Station (98:23)
  • Notes from Students
  • What is a true LOC? (18:27)
  • Get Rid of Everything You Already Know! (82:51)
  • Student Review (57:33)
  • Mike’s Thinking during a Live Trade Pt. 1 (25:57)
  • Mike’s Thinking during a Live Trade Pt. 2 (5:02)
  • Mike Live Trading (21:10)

About Your Instructor

I have experienced the freedom of generating income from home for the past 20 years. When I first started learning, it took me three years before I discovered when the optimum time to engage the market was. This “Trading Template” I created has been the key to my success. My two nieces showed interest in learning how I generated my income from home through trading. I agreed to teach the girls as long as they would record each lesson and put it into a digital format. I’ve always said, “It is – what you don’t know – that is robbing you.” I decided to open this course up so that others, like Tori and Payton, who are seeking to experience financial freedom can now have the knowledge to do so.

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