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Exactly What You Need to Unlock the Power of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Dashboards, and Measurement Strategy

The Complete Measurement Training and Support System for Marketers…

If You…

  • Feel like you’re relying on marketing “intuition” to grow your company.
  • Are Frustrated because your dashboard doesn’t give you the complete picture of where conversions are coming from, so you can’t make strategic decisions about your marketing efforts.
  • Have reports and dashboard that do not reveal clearly what’s moving the needle, what’s underperforming, and where to fill the gaps.
  • Can’t tell a clear story with your data, and you need to waste less money.
  • Can’t see the accurate ROI from your different marketing channels.
  • Have results, but you have no idea how you got those results.
  • Have a business making money, but you don’t have a finger on where your funnels are leaking the most.

How Measuring Your Marketing Actually Works…
Measurement Marketing is a Strategic approach to streamlining your measurement system without missing critical component like:

  • Having a solid plan in place before you start messing with tools
  • Having a plan of action before you set up your measurement tools or optimize a marketing campaign
  • Knowing how to articulate the story your measurement system is giving you, your team, and stakeholders
  • Working with confidence because you have the system, skills, and ability to predict results (without wasting precious time “Analyzing”)
  • Knowing how, when, and what to optimize in your campaigns with the highest level of efficiency

The Measurement Marketing Framework Helps You to Understand…

  • What two types of questions to ask, and what information do you need to collect to answer the questions
  • How to tie traffic to the only three results that matter when measuring prospects throughout the customer journey
  • How to build a measurement system that creates reports that tell a clear story
  • How to leverage analytics tools to Listen to the market across marketing channels responsible for converting strangers into customers.
  • How to “predict” with confidence the results of marketing campaigns and revenue generated for the business
  • How to prove the Return on Investment of marketing activities

But the fact is, Measurement can be complicated and lead to
frustration, overwhelm, and confusion.

Which is why the Measurement Marketing Academy was created..
The Measurement Marketing Academy is built for marketers, business owners, and agency owners who need to know how marketing drives revenue and profits now…

For those of you who are tired of useless reports…

Those fed up with so-called “push button” easy platforms that claim to give “actionable insights” but fail to deliver…

Those who want dashboards and reports that clearly show what’s working and what’s not, so you know what marketing activities to scale and which ones are draining the budget dry…


Measurement Marketing Academy
You don’t have the time or patience to get bogged down with the
complications that come with being “Data-Driven”…

The Measurement Marketing Academy is designed to give you the training and high-touch support you need to get work done.

All you have to do is log in, choose the training you need, and get started. Or you can get in touch with a Instructor to explain what you want to accomplish and get the precise direction you’re looking for.

From planning, setting up a tool, designing a report, building a dashboard, optimizing a funnel, or getting prepped for a report meeting with your C.E.O. (or client)… you’re covered!

Inside The Academy, Your Find Step-By-Step
Training For Planning, Building, and Launching
Your Measurement System

Take Your Measurement Strategy to the Next Level
Take Your Marketing and Measurement Strategy to the Next Level…

  • How to navigate your Measurement Journey at each stage of business growth
  • Get the ability to conduct “Deep Dive audits” to create an exact blueprint for a measurement system build
  • Become a better guide to your clients by knowing how to determine the Real cost to acquire the best customer (a must for growing businesses)
  • How to leverage Google Optimize and the Measurement Marketing Optimization Strategy to get more results from your pages and funnels

Get the Full Power of Google Analytics
Unlock the Full Potential of Google Analytics…

  • How to set up a clean and reliable Google Analytics account (Including Google Analytics 4 account setup)
  • Tie your traffic to results so you know your users and their actions
  • Leverage Ecommerce reports to keep revenue on track
  • Customize Google Analytics accounts to show the exact information you need (and block out junk traffic)

Supercharge Your Build with Google Tag Manager
Supercharge your Measurement and Marketing results with Google Tag Manager…

  • Supercharge your Google Analytics account (Google Analytics 4 included) with a proper Google Tag Manager set up
  • Go beyond the basics with custom features, templates, and 3rd party tools
  • Discover how to free yourself (and clients) from the limits of traditional retargeting
  • Take your Tag Manager skills to the next level with JavaScript and Regex

Dashboards & Reports for Actionable Insights
Create Dashboards & Reports to Guide Your Towards Actionable Insights…

  • Plan and build your first customized dashboards that give you answers, instead of information
  • Turn your dashboards and reports into engaging, easy to understand, and useful tools for your marketing strategy
  • Discover how to turn your reports into your “Funnel Storytellers” (regardless of what funnel builder you use)
  • Know how to spot when Good Numbers Go Bad and how to know if you can trust the numbers you see

♦ What’s Included In the Academy Besides Courses?

⇒ “Ask An Instructor” Support
Your Measurement Marketing instructors will be there to guide you and make sure you get to the finish line!

It’s like having a virtual measurement consultant on call, where you can get personalized answers in hours instead of days.

  • Get a fresh pair of eyes to help you plan, build, and launch your measurement system
  • Send videos or screenshots to explain your challenges
  • Get complimentary reviews on your system
  • And, much, MUCH MORE!

VALUE: $4,995.00

⇒ On-Demand Workshops
The On-Demand Workshop library also works as the Measurement Marketing “Search Engine”! Just type your phrase or keyword in the search bar and get immediate answers to your questions!

New Workshops added EVERY WEEK:

  • “Strategy Sessions”…for Marketing Strategist
  • “Getting Started”…The basics for Beginners
  • “Beyond Basics”…for advanced techniques and strategies
  • “Updates and Releases”…What’s new and upcoming

Value: $3,995.00


⇒ Winner’s Circle Private Community
Share strategies, tactics, and celebrate wins with like-minded Measurement Marketers from around the globe.

Jump into the community when you want to:

  • Share ideas on what’s working and what’s not
  • Get feedback on your measurement system
  • Get advice on industry best practices

Inside the Winner’s Circle, you’ll also find experts on SEO, Traffic, Funnel Building, Copywriting, and MORE!

Value: $997.00

Measurement Marketing Is How You “Listen” to Your Prospects & Keep the Conversation Moving Towards More Sales
IF DIGITAL MARKETING IS A MAJOR LEVER IN YOUR BUSINESS FOR GROWING REVENUE…Measurement Marketing will help you move the needle…Guaranteed!

What is it worth to your business to have…

  • A clear plan with clear steps towards what you’re trying to achieve. And predetermined actions ready to go.
  • Leveraging your analytics tools to give you answers instead of frustration
  • Clear reports that tell the exact story of how you turn strangers into customers
  • Accountability for every marketing asset tasked with producing an ROI
  • An optimization system that eliminates guessing and gets predictable results

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