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“My account was suddenly blocked….and I lost my 1M followers…”

Building a large following online is great…but here’s the unfortunate reality –

You don’t “own” a single one of those followers.

They’re what I like to call a “rented audience.”

And they could be taken away from you in seconds based on whatever mood Zuckerburg or Musk find themselves in.

Luckily there’s a way you can truly “own” your audience and turn this following into a source of consistent and growing revenue.

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it.

Growing a large following on social media is just a means to an end.

Our #1 priority is funneling those free followers from a platform you don’t control – to one that you DO control.

Your email list.

Email marketing has proven 3500% ROI.

In other words, starting your own newsletter is perhaps the most important growth lever you could pull for your brand.

In less than 12 months I’ve built a high-engaged email list of 58k (and counting) subscribers around my personal brand.

I’ve also generated tens of thousands of dollars in CONSISTENT revenue each month from this list of loyal readers.

And that’s just for my personal brand – I’ve also built an email list of over a million subscribers that’s been worth millions in revenue over the years.

Now I’m going to help you do the same.

In Newsletter OS I share the exact systems I’ve used to grow a lucrative email list.

So you can harness the power of this often-overlooked asset and take your brand to the next level.

Are you ready to build your own untouchable, “owned” audience?

Grab Newsletter OS and let’s get started.

What You’ll Discover in Newsletter OS

The proven blueprint to transform your scattered audience into a loyal customer base and increases conversion by 120%

How to develop a relentless founder mindset and create explosive newsletter growth

Battle-tested strategies to carve your unique space in your industry

Often-overlooked ways to engineer an insatiable demand for your services/products

How to design lead magnets and signup page that irresistibly attracts new subscribers

Successful funnel systems you can implement to convert transient visitors into long-term subscribers and increase your revenue

What’s Inside:



The secret to turning your audience into your most valuable asset is finally revealed…

It’s time to unlock your true potential for growth with a conversion strategy that outperforms other platforms by 120%.

Quickstart Guide

Embrace the relentless founder mindset and set the stage for massive impact.

Get an insightful overview and plan to get the most out of the action-oriented modules in Newsletter OS.

Become a Category Champion

Discover how to become a Category Champion and engineer demand for your product or service.

This lays the foundation for building a loyal community, refining your approach, and inspiring others on the path to success

Types of Newsletters

Understand the four core types of newsletters and choose the right one to engage your audience effectively

Learn from real-life examples, as you select the newsletter that fits your goals best.

Creating a High-Converting Signup Page

Discover how to turn your signup page into a conversion machine with strategies to understand and engage your target audience.

Leveraging what’s shared in this lesson will leave your audience feeling compelled to join your newsletter and learn more from you.

Lead Magnets

Uncover how to create compelling lead magnets that not only attract your ideal subscriber…but also increase the likelihood they’ll become a customer and stick with you for years to come.

Content Strategy

Learn proven principles for building trust and engagement with your dream customer.

It all starts with a well-honed content strategy, and this lesson will show you exactly how you can create your own.

Newsletter Funnel

Discover how to implement an effective funnel system to transition your followers from a “rented” audience to an “owned” audience.

This proven process ensures your maximizing your newsletter’s potential revenue.

Creating Your Free Mini-Course or Guide

Creating a free mini-course or guide is a powerful way to enhance engagement, build trust, and establish yourself as an authority

Learn how to build and structure your mini-course to maximize its effectiveness and appeal.

(BONUS) Copywriting 101

People join your newsletter because of you, but they stay for the content.

Master the four E’s of effective copywriting to make your newsletters irresistible and ultimately convert more people to your offers.

(BONUS) Segmentation, Personalization, and Deliverability

List segmentation, personalization and deliverability all play a crucial role in ensuring your content reaches your subscribers and can ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

Learn the basics of these important principles to ensure your email marketing is top-notch.

(BONUS) Email Automation

The true power of email marketing is the ability to set up automated emails that engage with your subscribers during key points in the customer journey.

These automations will run on autopilot – deepening the relationship your subscribers have with you and making you money while you sleep.

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