Marketplace Mastery by Jason Meunier and Tom Cormier


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Build a highly profitable Facebook Dropshipping business in days

Distinguished Dropshipper, Tom Cormier (eCom Tom), teaches you everything he knows in this 7 hour class, reshaping the way you earn income. Dive into this emerging opportunity and leave the class with a fully operational Facebook Dropshipping business.

Part 1: Marketplace Fundamentals

Learn the end-to-end skills of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping, from securing the shipping option to finding the best suppliers. During this part, Tom reveals his top 15 verified Dropship suppliers list.

Part 2: Listing High-Profit Items

In the second part of the class, Tom demonstrates his techniques for choosing hot selling products. He teaches you how to ensure that the products will continue to sell over time with substantial profit.

Part 3: Developing Your Store

In Part 3, Tom guides you through his systematic process for developing a semi-automated Facebook Dropshipping store. You’ll finish the class with a scalable opportunity and high income potential.

Level up your Dropshipping skills

During this class, you’ll learn the full set of Marketplace Dropshipping skills Tom Cormier uses to sell thousands every month. This class takes you to new heights no matter your eCommerce experience level.

The Marketplace Dropshipping Model
Tom breaks down the fundamental concepts of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping, and explains the advantages of this new business model.

Facebook Account Setup
Tom walks you through his real-time process for properly setting up your Facebook Marketplace account to begin Dropshipping.

The ‘No-Shipping Option’ Solution
If you don’t have the shipping option available on your Facebook Marketplace account, Tom’s solution easily allows you to circumvent this issue.

Top 15 Verified Suppliers List
Tom’s curated list of 15 handpicked suppliers allows you to find the most profitable products to start Dropshipping immediately.

Over the Shoulder Item Research
Watch Tom as he demonstrates his real-time item research process. You’ll learn how to identify the best selling items, and the ones to avoid.

Masking Supplier Identity
Tom shares his tips for keeping Dropship suppliers identity a secret to your customers – a common concern for new Marketplace sellers.

3 Pillars of High-Performing Listings
In this section, you’ll learn how to sell your items fast and for higher profit with Tom’s proven formula for titles, photos, and descriptions.

A-Z Order Fulfillment
Tom teaches you step-by-step how to place Dropship orders, upload tracking, communicate with customers, and ensure timely deliveries.

Scaling & Automating Your Store
Take your business to new heights with Tom’s profit maximizing strategies including tax exemption, cash back, and leveraging outsourced workers.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, bonus guides, and community feedback. Its carefully developed curriculum and unforgettable learning experience is designed to help you earn more income online.

Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction

Before the course starts, Tom Cormier (eCom Tom) explains what to expect from the training, where to gain access to the private Facebook group, and some good common practices to help you get the most out of the course.

  • 1. Introduction to the Class
    Tom explains how the course is organized and how you can get the most out of each lesson!
  • 2. Private Members Facebook Group
    Get exclusive access to the students-only Facebook support group.
  • 3. Top Reasons to Start FBMP Dropshipping Today
    Learn about the key advantages of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping.

Unit 1: Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping (2 hrs)

In the first unit of the course, Tom gives a brief overview of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping as well as the advantages of the business model. Additionally, you will learn how to quickly open and configure your Facebook Dropshipping account while avoiding costly mistakes. Along the way, Tom let’s you in on his own list of 15 highly curated suppliers, which you can use for sourcing items immediately. He will demonstrate how to properly calculate profit margin, consistently find hot selling products, and how to enable the shipping option on your account.

  • 4. Facebook Marketplace Setup
    Follow along as Tom gives an in-depth demo showing you the process of verifying a new account, navigating the seller dashboard, and configuring profile settings.
  • 5. Business Model Overview
    Tom explains how this business model works from a high-level overview and discusses the advantages of Dropshipping on Facebook.
  • 6. Acquiring the Shipping Option
    Learn how to enable the shipping option for your Facebook account, or discover various steps that you can take if the shipping option is not yet available.
  • 7. Using Trustworthy Dropship Suppliers
    Tom grants you exclusive access to his own personal list of 15 profitable Dropshipping suppliers and explains what characteristics make a supplier valuable.
  • 8. Most Profitable Products to List
    Tom reveals some of the top niches and product types that he sells on Facebook to consistently earn recurring sales.
  • 9. Over the Shoulder Item Research
    Watch Tom demonstrate how he consistently finds best selling items to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace.

Unit 2: Store Processes & Listing Items (3 hrs)

In the second portion of the course, Tom demonstrates how to run the day-to-day processes of a Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping store. Here, each lesson is covered in-depth including: end-to-end order processing, uploading tracking numbers, synching active stock with your suppliers inventory, listing optimization, and understanding your seller metrics.

  • 10. Repricing and Stock Monitoring Software
    Ensure that your active stock is being monitored in real time to avoid costly out of stock sales and order cancellations. Watch Tom deconstruct the lengthy process of connecting software through an over-the-shoulder demo.
  • 11. Listing and Title Optimization
    Tom’s strategy guide for increasing listing exposure by creating well optimized titles and descriptions.
  • 12. Marketplace Insights and Metrics
    Understand Facebook’s service metrics score, seller feedback ratings, and store insights.
  • 13. Processing Sales and Tracking
    Tom demonstrates in real time how to process orders efficiently, upload tracking numbers, and increase profit using cash back techniques.
  • 14. Secret Tracking Hack
    This secret trick will allow you to upload all tracking information without ever shipping items late or cancelling orders.
  • 15. Payout Schedule and Structure
    Tom explains Facebook’s rolling basis payout structure.

Unit 3: Advanced Methods for Increased Growth (2 hrs)

In the third and final unit of the course, Tom ties everything together with advanced Dropshipping strategies. The growth tools revealed will allow you to achieve much higher profit margins with various techniques such as tax exemption, cash back, price protection programs, and leveraging virtual assistants.

  • 16. Customer Service and Scripted Messages
    Tom dives deep into the importance of maintaining great service metrics on Facebook Marketplace. Tom breaks down all customer relationship management tasks such as: returns, order cancellations, purchase protection, frequently asked questions, seller ratings, out of stock items, and much more.
  • 17. Tax Exemption
    Learn the intricacies of tax exemption, sales tax, collecting and remitting tax, tax ID’s, international tax obligations, and even an application to use Tom’s personal CPA’s.
  • 18. Scaling Your Store
    Tom gives real tips on how to safely grow your Facebook Dropshipping account. Additionally, you’ll discover how to start earning a full-time income with automation tools and virtual assistants.
  • 19. Bonus Topics for Advanced Dropshippers
    This advanced section of the course focuses on strategies and experimental topics for increased sales and long-term Dropshipping success.

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