Marina Mogilko – YouTube Channel-From Idea to First Revenue


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After completing the course, you will:

  • start a channel: choose a topic for your channel according to your interests and work on your channel art
  • publish the first few videos and optimize them for the YouTube algorithm
  • create a content plan for 10+ videos (this is about three months worth of content if you publish once a week)
  • choose necessary equipment depending on your budget and goals
  • get clear instructions on how to script your videos to increase watch time and audience retention
  • download my PDF instructions and checklists for a video editor and a channel manager to help you delegate things
  • understand how the algorithm works and what kinds of videos it promotes
  • learn to create evergreen videos that will generate views and income for years, even if you stop posting
  • learn to clickbait a little to speed up growth
  • find out how to monetize small channels
  • learn the legal aspects of working on YouTube

How I started on YouTube

I published my first YouTube video in December 2014. At that time, I was applying for a master’s degree at a university in the United States and felt like I was the only Russian person in the world who was doing it. I really wanted to start sharing what I was going through to get to know people who were also doing the same
I made my first video right after passing GMAT. Then I made the second video, then the third one. In April 2015, we moved to Silicon Valley, and I began to film everything: how we rented an apartment, how we bought a retired police interceptor as our first American car! I started documenting my life
It took a while for the channel views to really take off, but I was able to start monetizing by consulting and tutoring my subscribers (I charged around $20 for 30 minutes)
Now I run three YouTube channels in two languages (Marina Mogilko, Linguamarina, Silicon Valley Girl) with more than 5 million subscribers combined
By combining various sources of income, I am able to gross around $80,000 – $100,000 per month (Google AdSense, paid partnerships, product sales, affiliate programs). That doesn’t include taxes and expenses (I have a team now to help me with everything), but this means I only spend 5-7 hours a week to run all of my channels!

YouTube is never an overnight success

YouTube is like your reputation: you earn it first, and then the reputation, or algorithm in the case of YouTube, works for you. I believe that you need to post at least once a week for a year to find your niche and gain your first subscribers. It isn’t about just posting new videos. It’s about working with analytics, experimenting and interacting with your first viewers. It’s a process of finding your inner voice.

It sounds like hard work, but YouTube is actually one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life

  • I created a community of like-minded people around myself — now I always have someone to talk to
  • My videos help to change people’s lives — my subscribers constantly approach me on the street and thank me for the motivation and information I give them (people get accepted to universities around the world, speak English better, and start their blogs — after watching my videos!)
  • I do what I love – talk to a camera, learn and share information
  • It’s an almost passive source of income (YouTube pays me for what I am willing to do for free), and if I use a proactive approach (working with advertisers, launching products), I am able to make 5x what YouTube pays me through Google AdSense

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