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Marcus Barney – Financial Literacy Class 2021

HIM500’ Marcus Barney
Recession Proof is a real estate investment and credit specialist firm founded by Marcus Barney. It provides entrepreneurs with essential tools and financial resources to help them succeed. The firm also creates strategies for businesses so they can obtain funds to expand their operations and take advantage of new opportunities. Marcus has gone a long way since scribbling solutions at his breakfast table, that last year, his firm has helped over 100 entrepreneurs fund their businesses. With Marcus’ help, these entrepreneurs were able to garner a total of $20 million in start-up capital to start their operations. This is a great, not only for entrepreneurs but for Recession Proof as well, because it proved that it could deliver tangible solutions for businesses. Recession Proof highlights an essential fact that the road towards success is just one decision away (which most entrepreneurs tend to forget). Recession Proof is rapidly gaining recognition as a company that provides a solution in turning credit into cash. As the demand for this service is growing every year, Barney’s company is well-positioned to cater and satisfy this growing demand.
My Financial Literacy Class Is Designed To:

Help you develop new streams of income, and restructure the way you have been trained to operate financially.

Give you the strategies to eliminate your living expenses and generate more income at the same time.

Allow you to get out of the rat race and fully play the wealth creation game the way it’s meant to be played.
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What you will gain from this course

02Module 1 : Recession Proof DIY Credit Repair

What you will gain from this course
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture Intro
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture 1 of 6
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture 2 of 6
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture 3 of 6
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture 4 of 6
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture 5 of 6
DIY Credit Repair : Lecture 6 of 6
CFPB : 1 of 2
CFPB : 2 of 2
FTC : 1 of 2
FTC : 1 of 2
DIY Credit Repair Outline
DIY Credit Repair Guide
Secondary Reporting Agencies
DIY Financial Literacy Sage Stream
03Module 2 : Recession Proof Credit Report Structuring
Structuring : 1 of 5
Structuring : 2 of 5
Structuring : 3 of 5
Structuring : 4 of 5
Structuring : 5 of 5
What a credit report should look like
How to make an income while 
building credit

04Module 3 : Recession Proof Funding

Funding 1 of 3
Funding 2 of 3
Funding 3 of 3
05Module 4 : Recession Proof Utilization Hiding
Utilization 1 of 2
Utilization 1 of 2


Credit to close
Q&A : Secret Lenders + Free flights
Secret Lenders list
Webinar in its entirety

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