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How Will “AI Ninjas” Help You?


This learning process begins with foundational knowledge, introducing you to the concept of AI, its potential, and the many ways it can be applied.
Regardless of your familiarity with AI, our course is designed to meet you at your level. Through 20 thoughtfully crafted modules, containing over 100 lessons, we guide you along this educational journey. Each module presents an in-depth, step-by-step lesson package complete with instructional videos and how-to guides.

The true value of our course comes from its practical implications. Learn to optimize your Shopify store, create engaging content, build a distinguished brand, conduct effective email marketing, create a strategic marketing plan, and manage tasks, all using AI. We’ve ensured that our course provides value to modern professionals across a variety of fields.


The “AI Ninjas: From Novice to Ninja Brand Builder” course goes beyond theory, emphasizing practical application at every turn. After equipping you with knowledge, we swiftly transition into real-world application of the concepts you’ve learned.
Our course is structured to ensure seamless implementation of AI in your routine. Each module concludes with a detailed guide on how you can put the skills acquired to use, bringing immediate value to your business.

We know that the world of AI can be overwhelming, so we’ve curated our course to provide you with a step-by-step approach to applying AI tools. From optimizing your Shopify store and creating content, to brand building and email marketing, each module offers a unique opportunity to implement AI in a new aspect of your business.

The best part?

You don’t need to wait until you’ve completed all 20 modules to start applying what you’ve learned. You can begin making the most of AI from the very first module and continue to improve as you progress through the course.

In short, our course not only teaches you AI, but also provides practical methods for immediate application, allowing you to experience the benefits of AI in a short timeframe.


We’re committed to being more than just a course provider – we’re your partners in learning and growth.
When you enroll in our “AI Ninjas: From Novice to Ninja Brand Builder” course, you’re joining a community that believes in continuous learning and mutual growth. We believe in offering value beyond the confines of our structured modules.
To keep you at the forefront of AI and its business applications, we conduct free marketing and business training sessions twice every month. These sessions cover a wide array of topics, from the latest AI trends to tips on optimizing your business processes using AI.
But our offerings don’t stop there. We are continuously developing new courses and planning engaging events aimed at helping the modern business owner achieve their dreams.

Stay connected with us on our various social media platforms to get updates on our latest courses, free training sessions, and events. Join our community and never miss an opportunity to learn and grow with AI Ninjas.


Enhance your professional portfolio by becoming AI Certified with our course. Demonstrating practical knowledge and proficiency in AI can provide a significant advantage in today’s tech-driven business landscape.
Additionally, you can capitalize on your new expertise by becoming an affiliate of our course. By referring others to “AI Ninjas: From Novice to Ninja Brand Builder”, you can earn a commission for each course sold through your referrals.

For more information on becoming certified and joining our affiliate program, please get in touch with us. This is not just an opportunity to learn, but also a chance to earn.

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