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Access To Every Live Class… Ever!

As part of your Copy Squad Lite membership:

You automatically receive access to every LIVE Copy Squad Class… Ever.
Future classes will cover…
  • Headlines
  • Landing Pages
  • ​More Email Training
  • ​Body Copy
  • Offer Copy
  • ​The “Beats of a Sales Letter!”​
  • And more!

Each class will sell for $97 to the public.

But for you, it’s FREE.

Each class delivers a direct no B.S. approach to sharpening your copywriting skills so you can make a helluva lot more money in less time!

Just check out what others have said about our past live classes…

And as an added BONUS, Copy Squad Lite members will help select topics for future LIVE Copy Squad Classes.

So you can the hands-on training you need to skyrocket your career! And start charging the life-changing rates you deserve.

Recordings of Every Live Class

You have unlimited access to every Copy Squad Live Class Recording!


  • Todd Brown’s Bullet Email Campaigns
  • The Ultimate Email Copy Class
  • The Breaking Into Copywriting Blueprint
  • Sean Macintyre’s Advertorial Masterclass
  • How To Write Million Dollar Emails
  • Rodney Gravitter’s A-List “Angles”
  • Paul Mascetta’s Market Control
  • And so much more!

That way, you can re-visit and internalize the lessons right when you need them the most.

Looking for a new email client? Check out the Ultimate Email Copywriting Class.

Want to try working in-house? The Breaking into Copywriting Blueprint is already waiting for you.

And new class will come every single month!

This library will become your one-stop shop for mastering the craft of copy. You won’t be able to find more actionable advice anywhere else on the internet.

Plus! To further accelerate your development, we’re adding in EXTRA Bonus trainings.

Pro Email Training with John Rhodes

Headlines on Command with Justin Blackman

This library will become your one-stop shop for mastering the craft of copy.

You won’t be able to find more actionable advice anywhere else on the internet.

Copy Squad Discord Community

When you join Copy Squad Lite today, you’re invited to join our brand-new Discord Community!

Inside, you’ll find separate channels for each Live Class.

That way, you can get your questions answered.

And have everything made crystal clear so you never have to wonder if you’re on the right track or not.

You can also submit your copy for review by your peers and experts!

The Copy Squad is full of veterans who have written several 7-figure blockbusters. As well as newbie writers starting out.

When you join today, you’ll be able to receive feedback from both!

Plus with the General channel, you’ll have direct access to your fellow Squad members.

“How much are you charging?”
“What do you think about this pitch?”
“Will you review my email?”

Absolutely no question is off limits when you sign up for Copy Squad Lite!

FREE Copywriting Resources

Along with an entire community, you get an ever-growing list of FREE resources.

To start, you’re going to get a NESB cheat sheet. Inside you’ll find a list of words you can effortlessly inject into your copy…

And trigger emotional responses in your readers so they’ll scale barbed wire to buy from you.

You’ll get the templates, formulas, and real-life examples that go with each Live Class.

And you’ll even get the famous Take Their Money E-Book – for FREE – when you sign up today!

If a book could be “Top G,” then Take Their Money takes the title. Everyone from publishers to internet celebrities rave about its influence on their marketing and sales.

All those money making insights are completely yours – FREE – as a BONUS for joining the ultimate copywriting community, Copy Squad Lite today.

My Personal Swipe File & Notes

Next to writing copy, reading copy is the single greatest thing you can do to skyrocket your skills.

Not reading about copy. Reading copy.

That’s why every other Tuesday, I get together with the Copy Squad Inner Circle to break down million-dollar sales letters.

And when you join Copy Squad Lite, you’ll get every sales letter we’ve broken down… Ever.

That means you’ll not only be able to see what’s working… But you’ll be able to see why it’s working…

And then take advantage of those tools and tactics yourself.

Breaking down copy is the secret sauce to every copywriter’s success.

It’s how Bill Bonner and Mark Ford built a Multi-Billion-Dollar copy empire. It’s how Joe Schrieffer scaled Agora Financial to $300 Million.

And it’s how I uncovered the language of copy, NESB, and the “Beats of a Sales Letter.”

That’s why in a few minutes you’ll get a clean PDF of every sales letter we’ve broken down… ever.

Along with the marked-up PDFs so you can follow along and uncover every copy secret we found.

It’s all yours when you join Copy Squad Lite today!

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