Kody White – Youtube Mastery Class


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Kody White – Youtube Mastery Class

At 12 years old I started making gaming videos on youtube, I grow up in a middle class family and was always looking for ways to making money without going to school or collage. At 6 years old a grow my first youtube channel to 200k subscribers, and was generating over $30,000 a month from uploading UFC and MMA compilation videos. Sense then I have started over 10 YouTube channels, employe over 10 workers that help me create content for my channels and generate over $100,000 a month.


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Getting Started & Youtube Account & Adsense Account
  • Module 3: Creating Videos That Go Viral
  • Module 4: Turning Millions Of Views To Millions Of Dollars
  • Module 5: Basics On Uploading Videos
  • Module 6: Creating & Editing Youtube Videos
  • Module 7: Other Ways To Monetize
  • Module 8: Conclusion

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