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Achieve More… More Easily.

It’s True. Your Mind is Like Your Phone.

How often does your phone notify you that it’s time to upgrade the software?

It may seem like it’s every other week for you.

Even if you don’t see the notification, you can always tell when it’s time to upgrade…

  • Easy tasks become impossible to achieve.
  • Every action moves at half speed.
  • You can barely do one simple thing at a time.
  • The phone overheats (and you do, too).
  • Your phone is sluggish.
  • Your phone is confused.
  • Your phone becomes your enemy.

Those are the telltale symptoms of an operating system that needs updating.

Here’s one thing you probably notice everytime you go to upgrade: the list of features ALWAYS includes “Bug Fixes” and “Improved Security.”

You may hesitate to upgrade your device for some “bug fixes” (BORING) and “improved security” (Who cares enough to steal data from little old you?!)


Are you seeing the parallels with your mindset?

Almost every single mindset program out there focuses on the fireworks and other sexy features that don’t help you achieve much of anything.

In fact, these programs barely have anything to do with improving your mindset.

  • They don’t help you think.
  • They don’t make you more efficient.
  • They don’t offer much more than adrenaline and a buffet of buzzwords.

Here’s what they do have in droves…

Ra-Ra “🔥🔥🔥🔥GET EM TIGER!!!!!! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!!! TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW, BROTHER!!!!” (Somehow everyone is related in Mindset programs.)

These programs cheer you on like you’re a Frat God doing a keg stand.

But when the keg stand is over and you wake up the next day hungover… what do you feel like?

Probably like your phone that still needs a software upgrade.

And you need some aspirin for that massive headache.

See, a software upgrade isn’t as sexy as sending a message with !!!!! and 🔥🔥🔥🔥 sent with the firework effect.

But a software upgrade is all you actually need.

It’s the most simple and effective way to achieve more… more easily.

And it’s right at your fingertips.

  • How to see opportunities where others see walls.
  • The difference between attraction and repulsion and why using both will get you much further ahead.
  • The invisible concept known as Frames and how you can see them clearly for the first time in your life.
  • How to master Frames so you never find yourself in the “one-down” position again.
  • Why negative emotions are ruining your ability to persuade.
  • What are the principles of charisma and how do you apply them in a way that appears effortless?
  • How to amplify your natural charisma so that you OWN the situations you find yourself in.
  • The difference between conversational and performative charisma and when to embody each one.
  • How to rise above your competition and continue to ascend with self differentiation.
  • How to maneuver in your personal and professional relationships in the way that you need. (You’ve never heard this before.)
  • Types of sabotage that will arise and how you can deal with each type most effectively.

Who myOS is For…

  • Business owners who need to motivate and lead people.
  • Coaches who sell their services AND deliver the service themselves.
  • Leaders of sales teams who need to distinguish themselves above and beyond the rest.
  • Professionals and consultants who struggle to get people to pay what they are worth now.
  • Professionals who want to retain and bring on even more clients as they command higher prices over time.
  • High ticket sales people who need to leverage their client’s desires and turn it into massive commissions.
  • Marketing consultants who need to sell themselves as the only person to do business with.
  • Anyone who sells for a living will find this an exceptional set of strategies to learn how to stay in control of their own mindset far easier than ever before.
  • Aspiring persuaders who have a deep desire to wield the most sophisticated strategies that exist.

This product includes:

  • Full Lifetime Access
  • 13+ HOURS of Training
  • SRI (Simulated Reality Imprinting) Sessions
  • Affirmations
  • Pre-Recorded Lessons
  • Live Workshop Recordings
  • Ground Zero: Where we begin.
  • Week 1: Attraction
  • Week 2: Frame
  • Week 3: Charisma
  • Week 4: Self-Differentiation
  • Week 5: Law of Three
  • Week 6: Sabotage
  • BONUS Live Workshop Recordings
  • BONUS Quests
  • BONUS SRI’s (Simulated Reality Imprinting) Sessions

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