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If you are wanting to build a successful Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Agency, then you are in the right place.

Course Curriculum

Week 1 – Underlying Foundations

  • Welcome(3:37)
  • What is SMMA?(23:32)
  • Why Ecomm Beats All(30:36)
  • The Ecomm SMMA Process(38:33)

Week 2 – The Business’s Operations

  • Understanding Our Client Avatar(47:23)
  • Communication(21:51)
  • Essential Softwares(49:10)
  • Onboarding Ecommerce Clients(29:31)
  • How To Build A True Team(45:02)
  • How To Manage Your Team(54:33)

Week 3 – Unmatched Outreach

  • Who is The Ideal Prospect And How Do You Find Them?(67:32)
  • Email Logistics/Health (Mandatory Before Outreach)(34:07)
  • Breakthrough Email Outreach(42:23)
  • The New Age Loom Outreach Method(28:39)
  • Facebook Group Inbound Leads(33:53)
  • Automating The Machine(29:55)

Week 4 – Sales

  • Pricing For Ultimate Conversion(25:35)
  • Your Brain is Deceiving You(25:29)
  • Important Concepts Surrounding Ecommerce Sales(40:34)
  • The Ultimate Ecomm Conversion Script(48:44)
  • Handle Objections Like A Craftsmen(20:34)

Week 5 – Service Delivery

  • Gaining The Access We Need(24:04)
  • Understanding Facebooks Base(52:33)
  • Effective Facebook Structure(26:54)
  • Budget Mastery(18:06)
  • Audience Mastery(22:50)
  • Ad Copy Supremacy(39:28)
  • Split-Testing Ad Sets(25:32)
  • Split-Testing Ads(34:18)
  • The Retargeting Funnel(34:03)
  • How To Find Winners(22:31)
  • Scale Like A King(28:39)

My Name is Kai Bax

I own a multi six-figure Ecommerce agency. I have quickly realised that majoirty of SMMA courses out there cover how to build agencies around the local lead gen niche. I never wanted a local lead gen agency and so building an Ecommerce Agency was very difficult when I started out.

I have now figured out the exact roadmap that you can follow in order to build a highly successful Ecommerce Agency. That roadmap is called the Quantum Leap Ecomm Agency.


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