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57 Ways to add punch, power & pop into your everyday writing. Learn how to write with your style in just 90 minutes

“Style Is The Stuff You Get Wrong” -Neil Gaiman

The thing is, there’s a right way to get stuff wrong. But if we all follow the same rules, nobody will ever notice us.

In this easy-to-binge, easy-to-implement, easy-to-love workshop, we’ll get nerdy on the formulas that make writing fun. (No experience necessary.)

I’ll dissect the science to the silly and translate styles of the wild, so you can see interesting ways to make your copy more poppy—complete with real-world examples of great (and not great) writing in action.

For permission to write the way you want to, and to become the highlight of someone’s inbox, smoosh this button with your poking device.

It’s the right way to get things wrong.

How it works

This delightful chocolate factory of sweet, sweet writerly magic is broken down into itty-bitty delectably smart bites. Its quick n’ easy content will have you writing better in minutes. And your readers will notice a change right away.

Here’s what you get:

  • Writing Basics: Fun punctuation, unforgettable rules, and freaky facts about layout
  • Pop-py Seeds: Sprinkle these techniques onto your copy to make it pop like grandma’s knees
  • Power Moves: Weird ways to make your readers take action (Science!)
  • Punch-ups: Over-the-shoulder edits that take your words from blah to booyah
  • Checklists & Transition Lines: Print these out for one last look before you publish
  • … Plus an insult generator (😯), real-time edits, and permission to let go of some long-held writing beliefs implanted by your 5th grade English teacher.

Everybody writes. This workshop makes it more fun. And it makes whatever you send more enjoyable to read.

Check out The Personality-er Academy for everything you see here, plus a private group for feedback on your writing and live monthly coaching calls

The Workshop:

Welcome video 2 mins

Section 1: White Belt Basics

  • Laying the groundwork
  • Introduction: Keys to Great Content 8 mins
  • Module 1.1: Foundation & Punctuation 11 mins
  • Module 1.2: Weasel Words & Bullets 8 mins
  • Module 1.3: 7 Wonky Things & Power Moves 9 mins
  • Module 1.4: Editing & Funny Rules 6 mins

Section 2: Yellow Belt Techniques

  • Slightly more advanced writing techniques
  • Module 2.1: All The Feels (And Where To Have Them) 11 mins
  • Module 2.2: Artists, Thieves & Ferris Bueller 10 mins
  • Module 2.3: Sweeps, UNs & INGs 5 mins
  • Your Insult Generator (Link & Demo) 4 mins

Section 3: Black Belt Punch-Ups

More of the good stuff

  • Module 3.1: Pro Gamer Moves 11 mins
  • Module 3.2: Comedy Techniques For Commoners 8 mins
  • Module 3.3: And Now You Write 2 mins

Punch-ups, Breakdowns & Bonus Calls

  • Video walkthroughs and over-the-shoulder writing examples, plus bonus calls
  • Joey K. Punch-Up: Fitness Promo 44 mins
  • Crystal H. Punch-up: Copy Services 40 mins
  • Belinda W. Punch-up: Funny Blogs 37 mins
  • Belinda W. Punch-up 2 11 mins
  • My Launch Email Breakdown 20 mins
  • Peter Tingle Email pt. 1 (The Ugly First Draft) 10 mins
  • Peter Tingle Email pt. 2 (Big Changes) 10 mins
  • Peter Tingle Email pt. 3 (The Punch-Up) 12 mins
  • Peter Tingle Email Pt. 4 (Final Tweaks) 8 mins
  • Bonus Call #1: Guest Funny Writer – Nick Gaudio (1h 11m 47s)
  • Bonus Call #2: Real World Examples & Punch-ups (1h 27m 18s)
  • Bonus Call #3: Comics, Beer & Branding (1h 22m 47s)


  • PDFs, checklists, and all the good stuff from the videos
  • The Printable Personalty-er Punch List 122 KB
  • Write More Personality-er Presentation 8.14 MB
  • Personality-er Transition Lines 72.6 KB
  • Ablaut Reduplication & Adjective Order 351 KB

Beta Videos

  • Straight walkthrough of the slides
  • Write more personality-er video 1 49 mins
  • Write more personality-er video 2 31 mins

New workshop. Who dis?

Fun fact – there are 27 people in the U.S. named Justin Blackman, but I’m the one who matters right now. (#SorryOtherJustins)

I’m the guy who wrote 100 headlines every day for 100 days during The Headline Project. I’m also the guy who writes Brand Ventriloquist® voice guides for A-List clients like, Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Danny Iny, Melyssa Griffin, Ashlyn Carter, Belinda Weaver, Bobby Klinck, and dozens of others. (I can drop more names if you want, but then I just have to pick ’em up again and my back hurts.)

I’ve personally created killer copy for more than 429 people (and counting).

Along this ridiculous journey, I picked a quirk or three… and possibly schizophrenia. Yet, I also discovered some amayonaissing techniques.

And I watched how others stood out by either breaking or finding loop holes in traditional grammar rules.

As a card carrying word nerd, I’ve read damn near everything there is about persuasion, conversion, comedy, and creativity. And when I see a funny line or tweet, I don’t just laugh or blow air hard through my nostrils at it… I break down WHY it was funny. Then I analyze the style and stash it in my brain for later use. And I find new things to add almost every dang day.

I go deeper on this shizz than anyone ever should.

Because of this nasty lil’ habit, I found the logic and patterns hiding behind techniques that make words compelling.

This workshop is all those delectable and super juicy bits, rolled up into a smorgasbord of well-researched, tested, and proven writery shenanigans.

This may sound super nerdy and strange (and it is) but this sciency approach is the source of my super power.

Popeye had spinach. I have em dashes.

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